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{February 17, 2007}   The Voice of Patsy Cline


The stats always go down on Saturdays here and sometimes that’s good news for me, because I can put something up that I like and won’t get a bunch of complaints about it.

I love Patsy Cline. No singer alive today can touch her voice.

I grew up on a small farm in East Enterprise, Indiana – about an hour and a half away from Cincinnati. I remember my mother playing her records and how she would sing along to Patsy – and I remember how much my mother cried when her favorite singer was killed in a plane crash in 1963.

I’ve found this old clip of Patsy singing the Hank Williams classic “Lovesick Blues.” For those out there looking at us today, I hope you enjoy it. If you don’t, sue me.

(Update: YouTube took down the origianl clip put up this morning. I wonder why they hate me over there? Here’s another one of the same song – but not as good – and you’ll need to click on the YouTube photo to get to their site to watch it. Rita, please don’t sue me. My heart was in the right place)

Larry Gross

(AP Photo)


Polly says:

Who doesn’t like Pasty? I really enjoyed watching the clip.

Biscuit says:

Agreed, Patsy Cline was incredible. Thanks for the clip

Jennifer White says:

I’m in my mid 20’s and own at least 3 Patsy albums. That voice is so wonderful.

Rita says:

It’s probably my dial up, but You Tube is saying the video is no longer available. If this is true, can I sue you now?

Patsy Cline has the most incredible voice; she has always been one of my favorites. “I fall to pieces.” It doesn’t get better then that.

Larry Gross says:

I’ll be damn! It was working earlier. Whatever. I’ve put up another one of the same song. You’ll have to click on the YouTube pic to get to their site.

Karen says:

I like it 🙂

Rita says:

I was just on the verge of settling out of court when I clicked on the picture and got the “owner of this video does not allow video embedding”.

Your heart was in the right place and you made me laugh. I’ll drop the suit and listen to my Patsy Cline CD. Thanks for the intent. Now walk away and enjoy the snow show…

(Of course it could be that I’m not really suppose to see it. It’s going to be spooky, if others can link to it. do do do do do do do ….

Marilyn says:

While I don’t hesitate to dislike today’s country (it’s all pop!), I’ve always been a fan of “classic” country. Patsy is among the best of the best. I have just about everything she did and then some…

Brenda says:

I agree with Marilyn 100% Today country is all pop. Patsy Cline is the real deal.

Becky says:

Patsy is wonderful. I loved this clip. So vintage!

Marilyn says:

I’ll grudgingly state that there have been a few contemporary country singers that I’ve liked. Sweethearts of the Rodeo were good. Highway 101… where did they all go?

Rich says:

“where did they all go?”

By way of Clear Channel and other “corporates” who don’t think listeners want to hear them.

Take charge of music. Buy CD’s!

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