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{February 18, 2007}   Helping a Friend Relax


My friend Don has a stressful job – financial advisor with a big firm downtown. Yes, he’s a little boy but I like him and last night he needed a little help in relieving some of the tenseness he was feeling.

I was over at his place just hanging out and I could see how uptight he was over things that were going on in the office. Life is too short to get hung up on that shit.

We were both sitting on the sofa and I asked him very gently to undo his pants. As he unbuckled his belt, I unzipped his pants. I freed his penis from his underwear and put his member in my mouth and started sucking.

As he became larger inside my mouth, he begged me to take my shirt off, wanted to touch my breasts. I said no. I was having oral sex with him just to ease his tension and to make him more relaxed.

I didn’t want anything for myself. I can be a giving person.

LOL Girl

(Photo of LOL Girl relaxing before heading over to Don’s place to relieve some of his tension was obtained from another friend of hers named Google)


Tom says:

Can I be your friend too?

Polly says:

When it comes to being “loose” I don’t know which one of you is worse – you or Teri. Maybe Teri because she seems so confused all the time. You don’t seem that way. Actually, you seem made up.

Roger says:

Glad you’re back, baby. You light my fire.

hard as nails says:

lol girl is back. let the masturbating begin.

Barbara says:

Glad I signed on early here today so I know to stay away. Reading the comments from all the horny guys is a turn off for me so I’ll be watching movies today.

Man of the Hour says:

LOL Girl,
It only counts if you swallow. You left that part out.

Geri says:

Patsy Cline yesterday was a class act. I don’t know what this is.

Matt says:

Just a hint of your right breast here. You’re showing more and more of yourself all the time – but when the hell are we going to see your face?

Selana says:

I wish this LOL girl would just go away. I hate these made up posts.

Maggie says:

You’re showing more and more of yourself all the time

You guys are such fools. Its a different girl every time this slut makes a post.

LOL Girl says:

“It only counts if you swallow. You left that part out.”

That’s between Don and me 🙂

Sean says:

I see you have a piano – do you play naked?

Kelly says:

This is sickening.

Tim says:

“I hate these made up posts.”

Granted, I think most of us know the pictures are of a different girl most of the time but are the posts made up? I don’t know – maybe some of them are but does it really make a difference?

I’ve known people just like LOL girl, just a little out there. I think that’s why people like her. I certainly do.

Jello says:

Nice feet 🙂

Rapid Shave says:

Yes, nice feet, nice ass, nice right breast – but maybe she’s ugly. We never see her face.

Marilyn says:

Yay! It’s the altruistic LOL girl!

I’d like to hear from Don now. Feeling better, buddy?

Charlie Tuna says:

You show us a little more each time. I figure by this time next year, you’ll be spread-eagle on a bed. Something to live for.

Tess says:

I would never do this for a friend. Never.

Tate says:

I was having oral sex with him just to ease his tension and to make him more relaxed.

Shit, most guys just have a drink. Is this a service you provide to others?

LOL Girl says:

“I’d like to hear from Don now. Feeling better, buddy?”

His mouth is full at the present time 🙂

Tommy Boy says:

You suck cocks and oysters. Is there anything you won’t try?

hard as nails says:

I can be a giving person.

that’s what we like about you – always giving of yourself to needy people.

Susan says:

Just more trash. The last good post here was written by Marilyn. I wish she was back here today.

Anna says:

LOL Girl is a total slut but who wouldn’t laugh at this?

James Taylor says:

“When you’re down and troubled and you need a helping hand…..”

………well, in this case a helping mouth.

Bridget says:

Just more shock. Not very good today.

jerry says:

you are one hot woman, baby. if this is a service you provide, i will gladly pay for it. i got stress too, baby.

Nasty says:

You look like an aging bitch in the photo — bet that’s what you are.

Mac says:

you are one hot woman, baby.

Not a hot woman, jerry, a made up one.

Ron says:

Why do you guys keep repeating the same old themes? Troy has gotten old and so has the tales of the LOL Girl. Find something new to spin.

Holden McGroyne says:

Hey, people, sometimes this is what friends are for, friends with benefits that is. Too bad some have to be hatin’ on players like me and LOLGirl.

Perhaps new forms of hands-on treatment with fresh therapists are needed. Just think about it.

Debbie Lane says:

Shit, I love the LOL Girl. I wish she had her own blog!

Polo Stick says:

In the photo, you can see ever so slightly your beautiful oyster. What? Is it shaven?

Marilyn says:

From LOL Girl, “His mouth is full at the present time..”

Should I assume it’s not full of Nachos?!

LOL Girl says:

“Not very good today.”

I’m always good 🙂

Frank says:

Totally unbelievable. Totally makeup piece of shit. Your blog is sinking fast.

Darrell says:

I would love to pound and bang you all night long. I’ve put up my phone number here a couple times, but your fucking editor keeps deleting it.



hard as nails says:

lol girl, i believe a fellow named nate is badly in need of your services.

marry says:

golly gee, the dumbest LOL girl post yet. you all proud of yourselves over there?

Harvey says:

Ignore all the put downs, LOL person – I say that because you are all made up – but behind all this “madeupness” is a real person writing it and it’s very out there.

Jackie says:

I thought it was funny. People! If you’re uptight about the post, don’t read it and why bother to comment? It doesn’t make sense.

Kevin Weber says:

I have to admire how you continue to find creative things to do with this “character.” I would have run out of ideas two posts ago.

By the way, I thought it was funny.

Balls says:

Hey! Suddenly you have a pair of tits? When you wrote the Bound post you didn’t appear to have any. Did surgery correct the problem.

p.s. I think your writing sucks… but maybe other sucking doesn’t.

Tad says:

I see your a reader! I see your bookcase behind your naked body. What do you read, LOL girl? Perhaps the classic “Joy of Sex?”

Rick says:

You’re a slut. Ever heard of AIDS?

Roger says:

Drinking a little my sexy friend. My phone number is XXX-XXXX. You may have to dial XXX because I live in Northern Kentucky. I have money, girlfriend. You can keep your shirt on, but if I pay extra will you take it off?

(Editor: go XXXX yourself. NO PHONE NUMBERS!)

D.K. says:

I want to lick you allllllllllllllllllll over.

David Gallaher says:

Here’s another fine story from that Curved Bar Girl Scout, LOL Girl, helping friends, and what is her reward here on this blog?
1. Those condemning her to the eternal hell fires.
2. Those queuing up to be her “other” friend.

The missed point of LOL Girl stories is that life is meant to be good for all of us. So good there should be no queues. (I thought those ended with the downfall of the USSR.)

tooly says:

i don’t understand david gallaher at all nor this love affair with the lol girl. let the two of them fuck each other to death.

Bitch from Price Hill says:

I like her, the LOL Girl. Confidence is a good thing when it comes to helping others. Oral sex is relaxing. She helped her friend. Uptight Cincinnati people: get over it.

David "Brer Rabbit" Gallaher says:

“i don’t understand david gallaher at all nor this love affair with the lol girl. let the two of them fuck each other to death.”

Pleeeze, pleeze don’t throw us into that dar briar patch!

Ralph Mouth says:

LOL Girl,
You’re now the wallpaper on my computer. Just so you know.

Heather says:

It’s the morning after and LOL Girl only has fifty-some comments.

This bit seems tame after anal sex and sheep.

Wanda says:

LOL Girl,
You are wonder! I hope you ARE real.

X-Y-Z says:

I think this is a great service you provide – sucking somebody’s cock to relieve their tension. I’m feeling a little stressed here in the office today. Mind coming over?

Charlie says:

Play me a song on your piano – NAKED – of course.

TNT says:

You have a bod for love, LOL girl. I’ll be looking for ya in my dreams.

MillMan says:

Your ass looks fat. Ha!

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