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{February 19, 2007}   Lee, Your Airline Sucks

delta-sucks.jpgI get this “Thank You for Your Support” e-mail from Delta last week and I’ve got steam coming out of my ears.

Lee Macenczak, Delta’s Exec VP of Sales and Customer Service gushingly tells me about his company’s “bright future.” Changes in their SkyMiles program is going to make it more “valuable and user-friendly” for me.

Really? Give me a break.

Hey Lee, your airline sucks.

Offer me the same fares out of Cincinnati that I can get from your airline out of Columbus, Dayton, Louisville or Indianapolis. Then maybe I’ll be able to thank you for being such a good corporate citizen in this community.

Delta Airlines has the crappiest fare program in the USA, paying an extra $250-$500 for a round-trip ticket just for the “convenience” of taking a direct flight from your local airport. This doesn’t seem like smart business to me – especially for a “family friendly” burgh like Cincinnati where leisure travelers often have no choice but to seek sticker-shock relief from nearby airports.

That’s really a drag, you know Lee? I mean, you get back from your fun and exciting but exhausting trip to California. You’re tired and anxious to get back home – only to have to leave the Dayton or Columbus or whatever airport and drive back to Cincinnati. Does that sound like something you would like to do? I don’t think so.

Also, some time back, Delta had appealing travel programs for their frequent flier members in Cincinnati – like their weekend getaway program that was appealing to young, single travelers. For a low cost, you could take a direct flight from Cincinnati on a Friday or Saturday and return on a Sunday or Monday. They offered an interesting mix of destinations and if you timed it right, you could even score a cheap getaway to Europe.

The program has now devolved into something else. Now you can only depart on Saturday and return on Monday to a weekly list of boring and uninspiring destinations. How does that make me believe in your company’s “bright future?”

Lee, please don’t send me any more e-mails – not until you start servicing the Cincinnati area the way you should. By the way, I won’t be holding my breath.


(Photo from MSNBC)


Tim says:

It’s about time somebody mentioned something about this. Whenever I fly Delta, and so often I don’t have a choice, I always feel ripped off. This airline does suck.

Jeff says:

No. Delta is certainly not a good corporate citizen here. They take full advantage of this area. I try very hard never to fly with them.

Amy says:

I don’t like to fly with airlines that have money problems. It’s probably just me but I don’t feel safe. What if they don’t have enough money for proper maintenance, know what I’m saying?

jason says:

i go out of my way never to fly delta. you’re right. they do nothing for the community.

Tate says:

It pisses me off, but I pay Delta those high fares for direct flights. I wish it wasn’t true but they basically control the Cincinnati Airport.

Heather says:

The fault is not just on Delta but on the deregulation of the airline industry.

It doesn’t matter what airline you take out of Cincinnati, it’s all expensive. I always go through Columbus.

Matt says:

I don’t give a shit, because I hate flying.

hard as nails says:

delta is ready when you are. just get ready to pay out of the ass.

Jack says:

I’m not sure what good it’s going to do to complain about Delta or any other airline. They are going to do pretty much what they want to do.

bob says:

maybe you should all do some research before you bash Delta. You should know that airport fees (landing, gate, tackoff) at Cincinatti are aout 3 TIMES more than the other Delta hubs, (SLC, ATL). But I guess it’s easier to just complain…

Heather says:


Maybe you should read the comments here before you bash them. Like I said, the problem is not just Delta, it’s airline deregulation. But I guess it’s easier to just complain…

hard as nails says:

it’s easier to just complain… sucks.

Debbie says:

I haven’t been in the air since 9/11. I’m sure the airport situation has only gotten worse since then.

Man of the Hour says:

What does any of this have to do with the LOL Girl? I’m still recovering from yesterday.

Marilyn says:

Matt, I’m with you — I, too, hate flying! I’d rather drive than fly no matter how far.

But on occasion, I’ve HAD to fly. I will go to Dayton or Louisville, even, to avoid Greater Cincy airports HIGH prices!

Tom says:

“You should know that airport fees (landing, gate, tackoff) at Cincinatti are aout 3 TIMES more than the other Delta hubs, (SLC, ATL).”

The way I see it, that’s not really my problem – it’s Delta’s. If what you’re saying is true, then Delta needs to be talking to the airport complaining that these fees are driving up their airfare charges and hurting their business. It’s called negotiating.

Lew says:

If indeed landing, gate and takeoff fees are more expensive at the Cincinnati Airport, I think we should get Cincinnati City Council involved. They will resolve the problem immediately.

Barbie says:

Remember when Vanguard Airlines attempted to make a go of it here in Cincinnati? They had very reasonable airfare rates. Delta did everything they could to drive them out – and did.

Delta wants to control the airport and DOES. They do suck.

Heather says:

“I think we should get Cincinnati City Council involved. They will resolve the problem immediately.”


*sniff, sniff*


Oh, that was priceless! I bout fell out of my chair!

Good stuff, Lew!

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