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{February 19, 2007}   Monday’s Lunch



LOL Girl

(Photo taken by her Google friend)



Logan says:

Nice curves, LOL girl 🙂

jake says:

i think she’s masturbating, folks.

Matt says:

Steamed, fried or sucked?

hard as nails says:

sucked oyster – and then a cigarette.

Natasha says:

Oh My! She certainly is lovely! And a nice lunch she had. As for me, I had vanilla yogurt with wheat germ. I need a better diet!

David Gallaher says:

What’s going down on the Living Out Loud Blog? The temperature outside has only been above freezing for a few hours, and already we’re doing “summer reruns”?

Karen says:

David – they do the Monday Lunch post, well, every Monday. I had cheese crackers. No oysters 🙂

Phil says:

No oysters for me, just Skyline.

David Gallaher says:

What about oysters AND spaghetti?
That would call for some SERIOUS sucking, eh?

jackula says:

did you find a pearl?

Phil says:

suck, suck, suck.

Roger says:

(Photo taken by her Google friend)

Oh, to be her Google friend.

Billy says:

I sucked down a cheeseburger and fries.

Janice says:

A one word post from the LOL girl and the guys come out of the woodwork. How sickening is that.

I think this “person” should make weekend appearances only.

Brian says:

Lunch for me was being reminded how much FirstWatch SUCKS!

Matt says:

Janice, you’re turning more into Jean everyday.

Heather says:


I love FirstWatch!

I would miss it, but we have Perry’s Breakfast Cafe here, where I can more banana pancakes than I can eat for $2.50!

John says:

Yeah, Brian, what’s up with that? FirstWatch is great.

hard as nails says:

FirstWatch is great.

but do they have oysters?

you-moo says:

if she would just remove that sheet from around her ass, the photo would be heaven.

Geri says:

Damn you, Heather, why did you have to mention banana pancakes? Now I want some.

Heather says:


Banana Pancakes….

Natasha says:

David, It’s all good and in good fun! Reruns, or whatever…

Geri says:

STOP IT HEATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ned says:

LOL Girl,
How come your photos are always in black and white?

Wally says:

Turn around, let us see that oyster!

Babble On says:

LOL Girl, I think you’re a bitch and a slut but you sure get a lot of attention? Why the hell don’t this City Beat give you your own blog? I think you’ve make a killin’.

Mike says:

Lunch: Tuna melt at the Washington Platform.

Perry says:

Y o u a r e h o t .

Chuck says:

Arby’s roast beef sandwiches – 3 of them.

Donny says:

LOL Girl,
I think you are beautiful.

Chad says:

I feel you on my tongue. Let me suck your oyster next Monday 🙂

Winston Rothschild says:

I feel a little guilty wedging myself into this discussion of food, but I just can’t resist a plug for my tidy little business up in Canada.
Red Green recommends me highly.

Winston Rothschild’s Sewage and Septic Sucking Services, Inc.
Give me a call.
You can reach me through Red Green’s web site.
“We make house calls.”

Red Green says:

“FirstWatch is great.
but do they have oysters?”

Fur Swatch?
What do you think?
Just call Winston. He makes house calls.

Brian says:

NO, specifically the omelettes @the FirstWatch on 7th. St. downtown SUCK in the most major of ways. I’ve been to the one @ Rookwood Commons too and they also SUCK for breakfast.
SportsPage on Main St., now there’s a tasty breakfast spot.

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