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{February 20, 2007}   Eat Your Chicken But Don’t Screw It


You can kill your chicken and prepare it for dinner, just don’t screw it to death.

Sexual relations with animals would be a crime in Indiana if a bill is passed to toughen penalties for animal abuse. It seems this all came about because of a man being charged with stealing a chicken and then killing the animal while having sex with it. For the story click here.

It is not known if the man ate the chicken after intercourse or if it was prepared fried or baked. We will update you as this story unfolds.

There is no truth to the rumor that the man arrested was a friend of Mike Hunt who is no stranger to screwing farm animals. To get my drift, click here.

Judy Darling,
LOL Blog Reporter

(Photo of love chicken from


hard as nails says:

paging mike hunt, paging mike hunt. as anyone seen mike hunt?

Dan says:

I would never screw a chicken but it does seem odd you can cut the thing’s head off and have the chicken for dinner and that’s fine. Isn’t that animal abuse too?

Barbara says:

Why are you bringing this stuff up again? It’s not funny.

Nick says:

Sex with a chicken would be much different than with a woman. With a woman, you smoke a cigarette afterwards. With a chicken after sex, you fry them up for dinner.

Stephanie says:

I thought you were making this up, another one of your joke posts, but I read the Cincinnati Enquirer link. God, people really do this. Freaky.

Walt says:

We will update you as this story unfolds.

Please don’t.

Man of the Hour says:

Any of you gals out there ever had sex with a rooster?

Julie says:

“Any of you gals out there ever had sex with a rooster?”

That would be a little bit like having sex with Troy.

Debbie says:

I’ve been with a few men who thought they were roosters. I quickly proved them wrong.

Marilyn says:

Julie, kudos! Good one!

Anybody seen Clerks II yet? Amusing sequence with a mule…

Dana says:

Amusing sequence with a mule…

Do they have sex with the mule?

Susan says:

Why do you put up disgusting things like this?

John says:

Not that I really want to know and I don’t know much about chickens, but how is it even possible to have sex with them. Don’t they have eggs up there that are ready to pop out?

you-moo says:

Don’t they have eggs up there that are ready to pop out?

really, must we have this discussion? there are a lot of sickos out there. why promote it?

MillMan says:

This chicken has let herself go all to hell. She was probably begging for a screw.

hard as nails says:

maybe the one thing that teri archer hasn’t done is screw a rooster. teri, there’s your next story.

Rita says:

Unfortunately, sexually and physically abusing animals often is a precursor for sexual predators. I’ve read too many histories of it. Very sick folks that I have a zero tolerance for.

It’s difficult for me to see humor in the post; it can be used to make people aware of the sick and cruel people in the world. To kill or harm an animal in any way greatly disturbs me.

Sleep tight knowing that these people are out there and most likely you won’t know about them until you’re being interviewed by Channel 9 news.

Jewel says:

Nicely said. I share your views.

David Gallaher says:

Our Puritan heritage:
It’s okay to choke a chicken.
Not okay to screw a chicken.

Please give us a heads-up when and where you will be appearing nude at the next PETA protest.

Biscuit says:

David you may need to update that

Our puritan heritage
Its ok to choke a chicken
but it’s not ok to choke the chicken

Rita says:

Would that be to take a look or to avoid the PETA nude experience anticipating a traumatic experience?

Mike Hunt says:

Where I come from, what happened to that chicken is called being laid to rest.

Biscuit says:

I think we are all WAY too comfortable with each other, it would be strange to all be in the same room. Maybe we can all meet up for happy hour, perhaps downtown at….well…forget it.

Jeff says:

it would be strange to all be in the same room

can you imagine that? LOL girl, Mike Hunt, Teri, Larry, Marilyn, Troy, Nate and the others all together with the commenters? I think it would be a blast!

Biscuit says:

If LOL girls shows up, most of the guys will have to leave, I believe she has a restraining order against almost all of the guys that visit here. If she doesn’t she should certainly think about it.

d.DINK says:

she likes the excreement of it!!!

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