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{February 20, 2007}   Nice to See You Too


I can’t say Vickie and I were ever friends but a few years ago we worked in the same office. Late last week, I ran into her over on Walnut Street.

“Brandy! How you been?”

“It’s good to see you, Vickie.”

“Enjoying this cold weather?”

“I’m counting the days until spring.”

“Looks like you put on a few pounds.”


And with that said, I forget what other small talk we made. It wasn’t much I can tell you that.

As I look at myself in the mirror, I don’t know what she’s talking about – about me putting on a few pounds. Even if I have, how could she tell with me wearing a winter coat?

Is that anyway to great someone you haven’t seen for some time – to tell them they’ve put on weight? I hope it’s a long time before I see this bitch again.


(Photo of fat Brandy looking at herself in the mirror from


Polly says:

It was rude, Brandy. Just consider the source.

Jeff says:

If that’s really you in the picture, you have to know you’re not heavy at all. If anything, you’re too thin.

Matt says:

You look just fine to me!

Vickie says:

You say the two of you were not friends. That’s apparent. Needless to say, it was very rude.

hard as nails says:

you’re too skinny. eat a candy bar.

Man of the Hour says:

Nice rear end.

Heather says:

Maybe she was making a joke about the big winter coat.

Mandy says:

She was just being caty with you. Ignore her.

Rita says:

It’s not worth the energy. She feels bad about herself so she tries to make you feel bad about yourself. It’s a matter of choice: give her the power or do not.

Becky says:

Your “non” friend does sound like a bitch. Good of you not to come back at her.

Wanda says:

Rita’s right. I think this person is probably very unhappy with yourself and wants you to feel the same.

ED says:


Heather says:

I still say she was joking about the coat.

Brian says:

Ditto what Rita says.

People like this just want to drag you down into the dark pool of their own unhappiness. You’re the one who is free to refuse a part in their twisted game.

hard as nails says:

i like twister.

CA says:

Once, a coworker of mine said, “You’ve really ‘filled out’ lately.” I said, “And your mushroom haircut is really growning out nicely!”

CA says:

growing, that is

Marilyn says:

Oh to be as fat as Brandy!

Rita says:

Words have such incredible power. Those of kindness and support can support your concept that you are a worthy person; those of criticism and negativity can destroy or maim a person for life.

When I was in Junior High, I went to my first school dance. I had a great time and danced and danced…. The following Monday, a boy came up and said “I saw you at the dance.” I thought wow someone noticed me. His next statement was “You looked really stupid.” It would have been nice to have had some kindness.

Can’t remember dancing in public again. Life theme song: “Can’t dance, don’t ask me.”

Tommy if you’re reading this…..I think I will google your name in the area’s Clerk of Courts and see if you are serving time somewhere. It won’t make me feel better but it couldn’t hurt.

Marilyn says:

Rita, God is my witness, I don’t remember this from our shared life experiences.

However, since I now have lots of free time and the ice is melting, perhaps I could look ole Tommy up for you?! I’m generally not a violent person, but I am quite loyal to my friends…

Del says:

Remember the old saying – if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all? Brandy, I can tell you’re not heavy at all, but the girl on the sidewalk had no business sayint that to you.

Billy says:

I think you look just right 🙂

Vic says:

I vote to make you the new LOL girl. I met you don’t suck oysters.

Heather says:

I’ve always been self conscious about my crooked teeth, and my family never had the money to fix them.

One day in the 9th grade, one of my FRIENDS said that if she had teeth like mine, she would never open her mouth.

I honestly don’t think she was trying to be mean (kids have a tendancy to blurt without thinking), but she really could just as well have punched me in the gut.

I’ve grown out of giving a shit what people think, but I’m still kind of self-conscious when I smile.

Larry Gross says:

“I’m still kind of self-conscious when I smile.”

I gave up smiling years ago. Hurts too much.

Bessie says:

Feel lucky you have teeth. I don’t have any. Wanta see me smile?

Harvey says:

You’re hardly fat. If anything you’ll too thin.

hard as nails says:

i for one don’t care to see bessie smile.

Bear says:

I agree with others here who think you’re a little to thin. I like a woman with a little meat on her bones — something to hold on to.

Marilyn says:

Bessie, your dilemma puts me in mind of my own:

I used to hate my big, ugly feet. That is, until I lost one (ooops! where did it go?) to cancer and assorted other grievances.

Sue says:

What are you, insecure? Don’t let this person’s words get to you.

Jill says:

Your former co-worker is probably jealous of you somehow. Forget about her.

Aunt Blabby says:

“I can’t say Vickie and I were ever friends but”

Very first line is your answer.
You weren’t friends. You were enemies.
By the way, enemies should be as carefully cultivated as are friends, but you must first choose carefully which is to be which.
I’d estimate the proper balance at about 50-50.

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