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{February 21, 2007}   “Little Did I Know”


Some weeks back, we put up a video clip of Cincinnati’s own Over-the-Rhine that got a very good response and some of you wanted to see more. Hey, I aim to please (well, at least some of the time).

Here’s “Little Did I Know,” simply a great song. Karin’s voice has never sounded better.

Tomorrow afternoon, we’ll be putting up another clip from another Cincinnati talent, Kim Taylor. We got to promote our own – right?

By the way, I don’t think that’s Karin and Linford dancing in the video.

Larry Gross

(Photo from


Phil says:

The song is beautiful. The video flat out sucks.

Chuck says:

Too mellow for my tastes.

Tate says:

ever heard of rock ‘roll?

Julie says:

This is a pretty song. When Over the Rhine first came on the scene, I kind of dismissed them, didn’t like the music that much but ever since the album “Ohio” I’ve been turned on to the words and Karin’s voice. They’re just getting better.

Danny says:

It sucks.

Julie says:

LOL girl “sucks.” This is nice.

Wendy says:

I really liked it. Karen has a beautiful voice.

Jackie says:

One of the best clips you have put up. Danny doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Beyonce says:

Tim and Kathy MitchamWe love eating at Wagners. We live in Tifton. I went to your website to find a listing or your days and hours. Please consider posting them on the website. “Out of tornswe” would find it very helpful. BTW- You have the best potato salad in the world! Tim.

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