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{February 21, 2007}   Oh, I’m Rambling

rambling.jpgMiller High Life Light is my new fav beer! Its only $5.49 for a 12 pack of bottles, no aftertaste, and sooo delicious and refreshing. My sister calls it “hood beer” but then I served her one and she was pleasantly surprised.

Years ago I used to think I was cool when I was the only one in my group drinking Rolling Rock. Then my dad said it was one of the cheapest nastiest beers around when they were kids. Now, I drink for flavor, not to impress anyone. And, I’m on a budget.

I saw this on a plank once in someone’s kitchen “AS THE WINE GOES IN, THE TRUTH COMES OUT.” I love that saying. You will write more freely and truthful if you have a buzz.

Someone keeps looking at my profile on I think it’s the same person. I should delete my profile. Sorry, Yahoo messenger alerts me of my vip emails.

I told my friend who is looking for work that some guy on Craig list wants a hand job model. We are debating if that is legal or illegal. My sister said that is just a “massage” so it’s legal. My mom said it’s illegal and to quit looking at stuff like that.

My friend is a home school, Jesus loving, just got divorced but used to be a stripper person. She has no work experience. I got her a job dealing cards with me, she learns fast and can play Texas holdem and blackjack. I told her we will work together somewhere and I will make up a resume for her.

Oh yeah, she used to sell pyramid scheme vitamins when I first met her.

Oh, I’m rambling.

Candy Apple

(Photo: Deviant Art)


Matt says:

Rolling Rock is nasty beer. I don’t get my buddies who drink it.

Babble On says:

Your a ramblin’ fool girl.

Polly says:

I’m also on a budget and not that I drink that much beer but Miller is usually a bargain at the grocery and it tastes good. I don’t see any reason to pay almost double for import beer.

Karen @ the hood says:

Candy, you are really funny!

Rob says:

A.D.D much?

hard as nails says:

girls who smoke cigars tend to ramble on.

Biscuit says:

A.D…… ewww a shiny thing.

Deb says:

Not sure if you have ADD or not, but your post was a bit different and refreshing 🙂

Rita says:

Loved Rolling Rock in my twenties. Thanks for the reminder Rambling Woman.

Vic says:

Rocking Rock has ALWAYS sucked. I have no clue as to why it was considered hip.

Mary says:

What exactly is a hand job model?

CA says:

why screw around w/ rolling rock…waste of time. just hook up a vein to some Beefeater.

Heather says:

Yea, buttons!

Some have letters, some have numbers.

I like the way they click, click, click!

Karen says:

No A.D.D here – just a cute post 🙂

Mac says:

I consider Miller “The Beast.” Don’t they make that shit tasting beer?

Matt says:

Mac, Yeah Miller makes it. That’s why I can’t drink Miller.

Millie says:

Yes, this is rambling and pretty stupid. If you don’t have anything to say today, why put up a post?

Jackie says:

LAY OFF MILLIE. I enjoyed it.

Marilyn says:

Today for lunch I made chicken & noodle alfredo… It wasn’t very good.

And then I try to log onto CB website; it says it is “done” opening, but nuttin’ but black on there.

And why do people make fun of wine in boxes? It gets you there doesn’t it?

Texas holdem? Never have even seen it played.

Matt says:

Marilyn, you write for City Beat. What’s going on with the web site?

Roger says:

Candy, You’re a cool looking girl. Nice post too.

hard as nails says:

And why do people make fun of wine in boxes? It gets you there doesn’t it?

so does thunderbird.

Marilyn says:

Matt, I’m just a CB writer wannabe… I have no clue what’s going on, but I’m starting to suffer from CB withdrawal.

Matt says:

Marilyn, the site’s back up.

hard as nails says:

Oh yeah, she used to sell pyramid scheme vitamins when I first met her.

at least she didn’t sell amway.

Brian says:

I have been and always will be a Rolling Rock drinker. You guys don’t know what you’re talking about. And Miller lit is the worse.

Brian the 1st says:

I s’pose some people’s beer tastes are just on different wavelengths. For me, there was no better frosty mug than one filled with Little Kings Cream Ale, what beer would never be. Am I right, ‘Nati natives?

Wanda says:

Little Kings get you there quick. Yeah, excellent ale.

MillMan says:

Little Kings rock. Not really. The first beer I got sick on.

jan says:

man, haven’t had a little king in years. gave up drinking, liked it too much. but hell i liked the little green bottles and what was inside 🙂

TNT says:

Little Kings is like drinking vomit. Come on.

Brian the1st says:

Like I said, different wavelengths, brother. I mean, it’s not my fault you don’t know what good beer tastes like.

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