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{February 22, 2007}   “I Feel Like a Fading Light”


We’re featuring some Cincinnati talent here this week. Yesterday afternoon, we gave you more Over-the-Rhine as per request and this Thursday afternoon, more Kim Taylor – again per your request. Aren’t we all accommodating here all of a sudden?

A few weeks ago we wrote all about how Kim has finally arrived nationally on the music scene (click here to read that post) and I guess I’m one of those people who “knew her back when.”

Kim, if you’re reading this, Sara and I were talking about you over lunch a few days ago. We’re just a little bitter. Can’t you send us a f*#king t-shirt? You got ‘em on your web site. What’s up with not forwarding a couple to some old friends? Huh? HUH?

Kidding. Maybe not.

Here’s a clip of her singing the title cut from her new album “I Feel Like a Fading Light,” recorded live at Taft Theatre in December of 2005.

Larry Gross

(Photo from Cincinnati Music Blog)


Mandy says:

Your heart is in the right place – at least you’re putting up some local music clips (why can’t your arts & music blog do this sometimes?)but you’ve already featured Over The Rhine and Kim Taylor. There are some other great artists out there too.

Allen says:

I just got her new album last week. It’s wonderful.

Rebecca says:

I’m a big Kim Taylor and have been since the first album. I’m glad that at least somewhere at CityBeat she’s getting some attention. Appreciate the post a lot.

hard as nails says:

she looks a hell of a lot better than paul.

Chuck says:

Roll and Roll, Larry. You’re way too hung up on the mellow stuff.

Elly says:

Kim kind of sounds like Karen of Over The Rhine. I like the song she’s singing.

Andrew says:

This is a great song. I’m gonna buy the CD.

Jill says:

This was a nice way to end the business day. A great song. Thanks.

Dandy says:

Your in a rut. Dixie Chicks, Over the Rhine, Dixie Chicks, Kim Taylor, Dixie Chicks, Over the Rhine, Dixie Chicks, Kim Taylor and on it goes.

Find something new.

Jim says:

Kim Taylor is a wonder. As far as I’m concerned, put up a clip of her daily.

Pat says:

She’s no Patsy Cline.

Nancy says:

I want to echo what Rebecca said. You have a local talent here that is really coming into her own, yet City Beat can only do a paragraph on the new CD? I think the music coverage in your paper needs a shake up – a wake up call.

Tim Graves says:

Kim Taylor is a great talent and thanks to the crew over here for bringing her more to our attention. Yes, certainly, this kind of post really belongs on the Arts & Music blog but we know that’s not going to happen, because it involves some thought. Larry Gross says we need to support our own and indeed we do.

Can’t help but notice that the other blogs did no updates yesterday at all. Amazing to me. They seem to be up and running, actually start to get a few comments – then they drop off again. Bottom line: Their hearts aren’t get it. You don’t get that feeling over here.

Dan says:

I watched it three times. Love the vocals, love the words, love the piano!

Beaver Head says:

Isn’t it time for John Fox to jump in here and tell us all how much Citybeat has covered Kim Taylor?

Ruth says:

Wow. I can’t get this song out of my head now.

Matt says:

I hear ya Dan, that piano is haunting and really gets to you. Kim is solid, man.

Marie says:

She’s wonderful.

Tate says:

CityBeat likes to “bury her in the pack.” Why not do a brand new feature?

Eileen says:

Why not do a brand new feature?

because they did one three or four years ago. they need to wait at least ten years before writing anything new.

Jim Stanton says:

I loved the video. What a great talent. I’ll buy the CD.

Katie says:

Kim Taylor is cool 🙂

Breen says:

Hi everyone. I enjoy the lively discussions over here. And the soft-core porn. John Fox is still recovering from Mardi Gras, so I will respond. I swore I’d never do this, because I respect everyone’s opinion and if you think CityBeat sucks, of course that’s just fine. But I just wanted to tell a little more from our side of the fence.

CityBeat’s local music coverage is often focused on newer artists. We will not do a huge story about a performer every time they put out a record, no matter how great they, but we will always cover them (with “thought” — we are the only newspaper in the city that actually does CD “reviews” — really reviews of any kind).

We’ve been writing about Kim since she started and we will of course write stories about her again. But you gotta spread the love around. As everyone scurries to write about Kim now that she’s getting bigger (not Larry, just in general), we’re writing about the artists who you will be complaining that we are NOT writing enough about in four or five years from now. There are more great artists in Cincinnati than just Kim Taylor and Over the Rhine, and they are popping up all the time. Take a chance and go see some of them sometime. So then, like Larry, you can say you knew them then.

As for the Arts & Music blog, I count nine posts in the past six days (my CPS math skills tell me that on average that’s over a post a day, kinda like here). We’ve even written about the beloved Kim Taylor over there a few times, including this post – – breaking the news that she’s doing tour dates with buzz band Aqualung, which I haven’t seen written about anywhere else in the city.

I will end with a wise quote from the great poet James Ingram: “I did my best, but I guess my best wasn’t good enough.” We’ll keep trying harder, though. Thanks for reading. As John said before, it is heartening to know that people care enough to comment.

Betty G. says:

Breen, and I’m assuming it’s Mike, thanks for taking the time to respond over here on the “black sheep” blog – that’s kind of how I see it.

If you love Kim Taylor, like I do, you can never get enough. I see your point, a lot of music to cover, but she’s turned major. What would it hurt to do a new feature on her?

Terry says:

MIKE Breen,

I don’t really have an issue with the music part of the arts & music blog at citybeat. lately, the music posts are actually pretty good. I even liked very much the thing you did on the FOX’s new comedy show — which totally doesn’t work and sucks. But what’s up with the arts coverage? It doesn’t exist. And the movie posts seem forced and boring and often late.

Matt says:

I’ve been reading the paper for too long to know that Breen is really Mike Breen.

You’re the man for coming over here and telling us your thoughts.

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