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{February 23, 2007}   Crimes Against Humanity


Why is it, that while we have people hungry in our own country, intelligent kids who will never see the inside of a college classroom, and bipolar people homeless on the streets because the only other place we can put them is prison, does our current president and his cronies feel that we have a right to decide how other nations should be governed?

Who gave President Bush the moral authority to kill innocent women, children, students, truck drivers, entertainers, businessmen, mothers, fathers, grandparents, trash collectors, and everyone else in Iraq who was, like us, just trying to live their life and make a life for their children?

They say that the violence and death in Iraq from this war will have serious implications for generations. Generations of Iraqis will hate America, hate the western world, and worst of all hate each other because our president thinks he’s taking these orders from a benevolent god.

There are countries in Africa who have been in chaos for generations because the western colonial powers, when they finally realized they couldn’t control the people, pulled out and watched as sectarian rivalries turned into mass movements of genocide.

So what are we to do? The American public will never commit the manpower and money needed to stabilize Iraq (if that’s even possible after what this administration has done). The only other options are staying there and continuing to terrorize and bludgeon the Iraqi population as more and more of our boys die for nothing, or withdrawing completely and letting Iraq disintegrate into the pre-Saddam dark ages of it’s past where, like Africa, rival groups will continue to slaughter each other for generations.

Let’s face it, the Nazi’s were not forced to pay for their crimes because they were evil; the Nazi’s were forced to pay for their crimes because they lost the war. The chances of Bush, Cheney, Rummie, or any of these people ever paying for the misery they have wrought across the human race are slim to done. I wish I could believe that they have hell to look forward to.

Heather Annastasia Siladi


This essay was originally posted on Heather Annastasia Siladi’s web site on December 14, 2006. To get to her site, go to the blogroll or click here.

Heather is a full time writer and contributes to the Living Out Loud column, the latest being Sex, AIDS and Happiness. She lives in San Diego.

(Photo in Iraq taken by the CBC)


Katie says:

Heather wrote this in December. Things have changed a little but not for the better. More dead. I feel helpless against this government.

John says:

I wonder how Bush sleeps at night sometimes. The thing is he probably sleeps very well because he thinks God is in his side. We put this man in office two times. What does that say about us?

Matt says:

Others have asked this but I’ll say it again.

If Bush thinks he is so right about this Iraq war (and I know other wars are coming), how come he doesn’t send his daughters, his twins over there to help out? The don’t seem to be employed anywhere – send them to Iraq.

Betty G. says:

The photo used with this story touched me. I can’t help but wonder if this soldier and little girl are even still alive.

Barbara says:

FINALLY a well thought out story this week. Heather, I’ll start checking out your web site.

Misplaced says:

Sadly, the best plan they will come up with is to find something to distract the A.D.D American public. A new demon needs to be introduced to scare us. Hmmmm who should it be… how about Iran? Yes time to attack Iran – The administration may need to wait a little while before they fight the new “threat”, its best to be at war during the election year.

On a lighter note: sassy picture Heather. Your site rocks!

hard as nails says:

bush is a bad “decider.”

Daniel says:

A new demon needs to be introduced to scare us. Hmmmm who should it be… how about Iran?

I want to think this won’t happen. Everybody is so on to Bush (FINALLY)that I don’t think the ass can pull it off.

Heather says:


I don’t think Bush even feels accountable to the American people.

He’s not running for re-election, and neither is Cheney.

He has even said that it doesn’t bother him that he’s unpopular because he knows he’s right, regardless of what people think.



I hate having my picture taken! My son took that picture, so I was a little less camera shy.

Del says:

I hate Bush. He is evil.

Rita says:

Bush’s and many of America’s governing elite’s choices are hypocritical. We invade Iraq to fight terrorism and to protect the country’s people from torture? Many in our country continue to believe that Iraq still was involved in 9/11. We allow ourselves to be blindly led – more concerned about Anna Nicole Smith then what is happening.
All Bush has done is kill the innocents – Americans and Iraqi just wanting to live their normal lives – go to work – have families – hopefully die at a very old but healthy age.
Current and past Administrations – such hypocrisy. In Tibet, the Chinese government has basically annihilated an entire culture. In China, they torture and harvest Falun Dafa practicionerss organs while still alive. All America leaders want to do is kiss the Chinese government’s ass.
It just makes me really sad and feeling helpless.
We must never be quiet and willing to be led by lies. We can’t just ‘shut up and sing’.
Thanks for listening to my sermon this a.m.

Shelly says:

Not a sermon, Rita. You seem very wise.

doodie says:

Somebody just tell me, what’s the answer here? How do we get out of this war?

Heather says:

I don’t think there are any good options.

The war was wrong, but it could have been done right. If we would have moved in there with massive force and secured the country; kept the power on, and made sure everyone had a roof over their head and a job to go to in the morning, we would not be seeing this level of violence now.

The overwhelming majority of people will accept a lot before they are forced to fight.

Look at us, our constitution is gone. 200 years of guaranteed basic civil liberties and human rights GONE, and what are we doing about it? We’re going about our daily lives.

There are a few credible generals who are saying that we could secure Iraq at this point, but it would take a staggering amount of troops and money.

And let’s not forget that the staggering amount of troops and money which we have already poured into this war has been mismanaged and misappropriated by companies like Halliburton.

doodie says:

so we’re screwed.

Marilyn says:

From Heather: …”Who gave President Bush the moral authority to kill …”

Heather, he took it upon himself to act for his ‘god’. He’s flat out told us this.

I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but Bush is clearly unbalanced and was wholly and utterly wrong in forcing this war. He and his cronies went into a land, ignorant, without any thought to what they would be unleashing.

Now, the demons are unleashed (I’ve used the term “pandora’s box” before when referring to the middle east), and I’m truly afraid of what the outcomes will be.

Jeffery says:

Bush won the election by instilling fear in the voters – that with him as president we were safe.

Tell me you Bush supporters, do you feel safer now?

Marilyn says:

Jeffery, yes of course. Remember that stupid alert system and each day we would be told how much in danger we are by a color?? That clear manipulation pissed me off then and riles me now to remember.

He fully rode the tide of fear after 9/11 to complete his agenda which was to get into Iraq. And I honestly believe with all my heart that part of the reason he wanted to take out Hussein was to avenge his father. Am I crazy to think this? Maybe, but 9/11 was the excuse and the doorway to fear he used to accomplish this.

I’m happy to say that I knew his push to war was bullshit from the get-go… This knowledge doesn’t give me much satisfaction though.

Tammy says:

I don’t have such to say except for the fact this war frustrates me. I just wish Bush was out of office and somebody would take over. I feel like he’s out of control.

Boss says:

20 years from now, we’ll look at all of thie and realize that Bush was right. You have to fight these people or they will take over.

hard as nails says:

boss? boss hog?

Marilyn says:

Oh my Gawd, Boss!

What you said brought back a very deeply buried memory. My mother was dating this “man”… He liked to sometimes discuss all the good that the KKK accomplished. He also said (and I quote), “You have to watch these colored people, they’ll turn on you.”

Thank goodness mom didn’t cotton to this fellow for long!

Gary says:

Boss, you’re an ass.

Heather says:

Bush and the Republicans also won by getting conservatives to the polls by putting issues of gay marriage on the ballot in red states.

Many Christians who knew better than to vote republican, voted republican simply because of this issue.

Fear and hatred are interrelated and we must always steer clear of those who try to bring out the worst in human nature.

The Republicans talk about morality and christian values, but who can name a single thing they’ve DONE in these areas.

My Dad votes Republican because of abortion. Prior to the 2000 election, I said, “Dad, Bush is going to do the same thing his father did about abortion: nothing.” So after six years of Republican control in the Executive AND Legislative branch, what did they do to end the tragic slaughter of millions of unborn children?

They went and slaughtered children who’ve already been born!

I guess clusters of fetal cells count as human beings, but not Iraqis.

…And clusters of fetal cells only count as human beings when you’re making a speech, not when you’re making a law.

David Gallaher says:

I love a thread like this. Thanks so much to Heather. Is there another blog site in Sinincincinnati that comes close to this? I’m being complimentary of Larry (and Heather), but, at the same time seriously wondering if there is a site that is REAL TIME and discusses government policy more frequently–as well as the occasional uncircumcised pig snout.

Okay, here’s the solution to this Iraq dilemma: Become an atheistic, peaceful anarchist, and encourage your neighbors to do likewise.
Government can razzle, dazzle, misdirect and filibuster, but, when its rubber meets the road, violence is ALL it has to offer. Ever.
(When I say “violence,” I also mean building more jails. Government is stuck in the time of Moses, namely, “thou shalt NOT, or thou shalt have thine eye/tooth plucked. These punishments do not qualify as conflict resolution.)

Gus_J says:

While I agree with all the members of the choir here, except the bastard troll that goes by “Boss” (probably some inadequacy compensation thing.) I must point out that Bush didn’t win the first election. He probably didn’t win the re-election either but that election was less definitively flawed.

Oh yeah, why the hell is Anna Nicole Smith dominating the headlines? WTF?

Heather you rock as usual, nice post.

John T. Sixteen says:

“Why is it, that while we have people hungry in our own country, intelligent kids who will never see the inside of a college classroom, and bipolar people homeless on the streets because the only other place we can put them is prison, does our current president and his cronies feel that we have a right to decide how other nations should be governed?”

How does anyone answer a question like that? It’s like the old question, “Have you stopped beating your wife?” If you say “no” then you used to beat her. If you say “yes” then you’re still beating her.

Is the President or government responsible for hungry people, kids who don’t go to college, mental illness? Why don’t we make them responsible for the weather as well? Nobody is saying it is fair, but they will always exist.

Soap box rubbish.

And pictures are two dimensional. Some of you probably think he’s getting ready to shoot her. But she appears at ease and protected to me. Thank you soldier. Thank you, President Bush. Sorry for the crybabies that litter this site.

Gus_J says:

Sixteen – If you are trying to change minds, or exercising critical thought, calling people crybabies or equating the audience here to trash is a poor way to get your point across. Your analogy is ridiculous, in any event, the current discussion isn’t abstract enough to even require one.

The president isn’t responsible for many events. He has however been appointed to deal with these issues, if not directly, indirectly by appointing or working with other people to resolve issues that are in the public interest. How would you spend 1.2 Trillion Dollars? 3,154 lives? Would you feed the hungry? Would you shelter the homeless? Educate the children? Work on a cure for cancer, aids, mental disorders? Or would you take most of the money and divide it up amongst your already wealthy friends? The person you support has decided that he is not the voice of the people and that he is “the decider.” He has fired the intelligent people that disagree with him, and awarded medals to those who rubber stamp his agenda.

You thank the soldier. Thank them by taking care of them. Actions speak louder than words. To date there are 18,000 severely wounded soldiers that the president would prefer to ignore. Have you been paying attention to their stories lately? Been paying attention to what’s going on at the flagship VA hospital Walter Reed? Do you realize that Bush plans to cut VA spending in his ’09 budget? That’s not a very good way to show respect to the people you’re thanking.

And finally, here’s what I get from the picture:

The soldier is obviously in a stood down position. He is not pointing the gun at the little girl. The gun is pointed to the left of the little girl towards the ground, his finger is not on the trigger. The girls body language suggests that she is not scared of the soldier, rather she is talking to him. The soldier cannot completely let his guard down (by laying down arms) because that is how you get dead. What this picture suggests to me is very symbolic. In a different time and place, these two humans might be benevolently playing in a park somewhere. Instead they have to have an instrument of death and a feeling of uncertainty between them.

Your guy made this happen.

It’s not too late to change your mind Sixteen. Changing your mind isn’t a sign of weakness. Instead, the ability to do so is a sign of a strong mind.
If you aren’t willing to do that, you should consider enlisting. There’s a job for everyone brother, so don’t give me an argument based on your age or disabilities.

Karen says:

Way to go Gus!!

Heather says:

Well put, Gus.


If someone asked my husband if he was still beating is wife, there would be no trap. He would say, “What the fuck are you talking about, I’ve never beaten my wife.”

If it’s not the government’s job to provide for the welfare of the people, then government has no purpose other than violence, which is David’s point anyway, and we need to get rid of it.

When the government takes money out of my paycheck, I have a right to expect that that money will benefit my life and my country; that right at this moment, there’s a brilliant kid in college on government grants who may cure cancer or Parkinson’s, or invent an economical clean-burning fuel.

We pour our resources into our government for the benefit of all of us, not so a few already rich people can find ways to pour our tax money into wars that only benefit themselves and their cronies.

Heather says:


I also don’t understand how you can say that it is not the government’s responsibility to see to the welfare of its own people, but it is the government’s responsibility to interfere in the internal affairs of other sovereign nations.

John T. Sixteen says:

five blind men felt the elephant for the first time – one the tail, one the ear, one the tusk, one the trunk, one the side. and later they gave five different descriptions of an elephant.

don’t let your anger and pessimism destroy you. it isn’t as bad as all that.

David Gallaher says:

John 3:16,
To do a full interpretation of the image at the top, the soldier has just recited to the little girl the infantryman’s credo:
This is my rifle.
This is my gun.
This is for fighting.
This is for fun.

He’s pictured pointing at his rifle.

Heather says:

“Sorry for the crybabies that litter this site.”

“don’t let your anger and pessimism destroy you.”

It’s interesting that the only person engaging in name calling is the one lecturing about anger and pessimism.

Well, I guess it’s not all that interesting since religion and hypocrisy goes hand-in-hand.

Hey Sixteen, just curious, who would Jesus bomb?

“Ye have heard that it hath been said, ‘An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth.’ “But I say unto you that ye resist not evil ; but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also. And if any man will sue thee at the law, and take away thy coat, let him have thy cloak also . And whosoever shall compel thee to go a mile, go with him twain . Give to him that asketh thee, and from him that would borrow of thee turn not thou away.”
-Matthew 5:38-42

John T. Sixteen says:

…even the devil can quote scripture to his purposes…

John T. Sixteen says:

…and Gus, I did enlist. Now I serve by giving this site a voice of reason. And it cuts both ways – you too can change your mind. And I apologize for calling anyone a “crybaby”. I love you all and so does Jesus. Good night and God bless.

Heather says:

These are the words of Jesus.

My typing his words here does not erase the the fact that they are HIS words.

“Ye have heard that it hath been said, ‘An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth.’ “But I say unto you that ye resist not evil; but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also. And if any man will sue thee at the law, and take away thy coat, let him have thy cloak also . And whosoever shall compel thee to go a mile, go with him twain . Give to him that asketh thee, and from him that would borrow of thee turn not thou away.”
-Matthew 5:38-42

Sixteen, who would Jesus bomb?

John T. Sixteen says:

Rhetorical questions require no answers. I am not so full of myself to claim to know God’s Will. I would like to think the world is so wonderful that Jesus would have nobody bombed. I would like to think the world is so wonderful that the Great Flood would have been unnecessary, that Sodom and Gomorrah would not have been destroyed. I would like to think the world is so wonderful that sending an only Son to the Cross for the sins of man would be unthinkable. The Truth is that there is Evil in this world and the longer we point our finger at President Bush, the deeper Satan chuckles.

Heather says:

“Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.

Therefore if thine enemy hunger, feed him; if he thirst, give him drink: for in so doing thou shalt heap coals of fire on his head.

Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.”

-Romans 12:19-21

Sixteen, why do you profess to follow Jesus, but ignore his words?

Do you only respect the Bible where it is in line with the policies of the Bush administration?

Marilyn says:

Heather, I used to host a liberal-leaning catholic discussion group. This was during the time Bush was chomping at the bit for war.

Back then the conservatives were all fired up – pro war.

I had a lengthly discussion with one man who was rabidly anti-abortion and just as ardently pro-war. In our discussions, I finally got so frustrated with his ignorance, that I said, “Ok, what if there is a pregnant Iraqi woman there and HER baby gets killed by our soldiers?”

His answer: “It would be her own fault because she was there.”

My lesson learned: There are idiots everywhere with a quick and stupid answer to hard questions.

John T. Sixteen says:

I don’t ignore His words. Apparently, I interpret them differently. For instance, I can use Romans 12:21 to support our presence in Iraq. We are the Good, overcoming the Evil. War isn’t pretty. Chemotherapy can ravage the body, but sometimes it’s the best course.

Heather says:


Marilyn sets up the shot, Sixteen brings it home!

A whole quote from Jesus, and Sixteen ignores every word except the four that are in line with the Bush administration (only after they are taken out of context, of course).

You’re right Marilyn, there’s no point in asking thoughtful questions of people who refuse to think.

John T. Sixteen says:

Marilyn & Heather:

As Lou Grant would say, “You got spunk. I hate spunk.”

Heather says:

I get the impression you have a lot of hatred in you, Sixteen.

John T. Sixteen says:

Actually, you strike me as someone I might meet in a train station and we’d have a great conversation to pass the time. The spunk comment was an attempt at levity. Perhaps you’re not familiar with the old show.

Larry Gross says:

“Perhaps you’re not familiar with the old show.”

–Mary Tyler Moore 🙂

Heather says:

Good gravy, people, I’m not even 30!

I can’t quote from Mary T., but I googled “Lou Grant,” so I got your meaning. But you set yourself up so perfectly I couldn’t resist.

Marilyn says:


Sheesh, we’ll have to campaign for Nick at Night to bring back the old Mary Tyler Moore reruns.

Lou Grant? Ah, he was the grumpy, crass, but hidden heart of gold, stern editor!

John T, Yep, Heather has lots of spunk (and I like to think I do as well!)… Spunk is good!

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