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{February 24, 2007}   Mom Can’t Rollerskate


Here’s a try at some comedy. This sketch is being performed by the Damn Handsome Men comedy troupe based here in Cincinnati. Well, that is until the troupe went their separate ways in June of last year.

I’m not going to comment on this, but I hope some of you do. Let me know if you think this is funny.

Larry Gross



Tim says:

“Here’s a try at some comedy.”

That’s about all it was.

Matt says:

I don’t know. It was more than overacted and it was a pretty old joke but I’m not gonna be too hard on kids taking a “try” at comedy.

Patrica says:

Making fun of the handicaped is always a big turn off for me. No, it wasn’t funny at all.

Theresa says:

One word: Horrible.

hard as nails says:

kind of sad, ain’t it?

Barbie says:

Ha, Ha, Ha.
(fake laugh)

Rita says:

I kept waiting for the clip to load on my slow moving dial up. After watching the clip my only thought was “Was the funny part deleted?”

Phil says:

The girl was all right. The guys sucked.

John says:

Humor that’s in bad taste is all right sometimes, but this is just bad.

Dana says:

Man. So bad.

Patty says:

If I were members of this group, I would go to You Tube and have this deleted.

Heather says:

They took waaaay too long to set up for the punch line.

And it wasn’t worth the wait.

Marilyn says:

Huh. I must be one sick puppy. I laughed my ass off!

Welcome says:

Thanks for the anniversary wishes, folks. Kalen — I don't remember pov drifts in Petal, but I do think that the business of selectivity of detail does has something to do with choice of pov. (And thank your new agent for me: from her lips to the buying pu3c#l&ib9;s ears)Tracy, I haven't read The Quincunx. But predictably, my mom has — and liked it a lot.

Mac says:

I’ve heard better jokes even on “Studio 60.”

Rita says:

You are one sick puppy or at least one sick Babe the Cat Parent.

Marilyn says:


I swear, Baby the cat is literally caterwauling! I’ve cranked up some Natalie Merchant to drown her out, probably should switch to Metallica. The vacumn almost does the trick!

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