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{February 24, 2007}   Sorry, The Devil Made Me Do It


This billboard sign is popping up all over the internet – on web sites and blogs. I wanta be a “joiner” and share in the fun.

Larry Gross

(Photo of billboard sign ripped off from Wonkette)


Gus_J says:

That’s hillarious Larry.

It’s worth noting that Hell is an Italian restaurant chain in New Zealand.

I love New Zealand.

Mac says:

That billboard sign? The truth hurts.

hard as nails says:

john t. sixteen isn’t going to like this.

Maud says:

LOL! so according to obama, the US is going to fight for gay rights around the world now too. hey, at least america has a cosnnsteit message now in both domestic and foreign policy on the gay front.

Matt says:

I would love to see this billboard here in Cincinnati. WLW – how about paying for it?

David Gallaher says:

Thanks for explaining Hell.
Otherwise I was going to be deeply offended, and everyone here knows what a sensitive asshole I am.
But seriously, for those who are unaware of the real Hell (the restaurant), this is a good example of what I have often said: that religion and state will not only never be separated; rather they are two sides of the same rotten evolutionalry conspiracy and perversion of progress in society.
States are only capable of producing wars: on terror, drugs, poverty, crime: you name it. ALL with unacceptable collateral damage and unintended consequences.
Religion is only capable of producing the HATE that makes wars possible. That’s all it does.

Now does anybody see why I’m a peaceful, atheistic anarchist?

hard as nails says:

smoke some dope, david. you’re giving me a headache.

TNT says:

David, I don’t believe in the church and I hate government. What does that make me?

Jen says:

I take it there’s not a lot of Bush fans over here?

David Gallaher says:

I doubt you’ll want to take it on my authority alone, but it doesn’t make you a user of dope as some “religious” persons would have it.

Boss says:

You people are total assholes over here.

Tess says:

I think you’re a danger to the city. Your ideas are too out there.

David Gallaher says:

Thanks to my clunky computer and internet connection, I try to be a danger to the whole world.
But thanks for the compliment.

Marilyn says:

Larry, thanks! I now have a new wallpaper for my pc.

David, I wonder… I recently watched a South Park episode. This episode took us 250 years into the future. Religion had been eradicated, but there were warring groups of athiests.

I just think that even without religion, humankind would find an excuse to kill each other. I do wonder what it will take to make us grow beyond this need.

Rita says:

I love the billboard. How can I get one for my front yard?
Like Marilyn, it will look great on my computer at home and work..

As far as religion – I do not fit into organized religion; I haven’t since I was a child. I believe human beings can take an any wonderful concept, organize it, define it with their egos and totally muck it up.
However, I consider myself a very spiritual person who believes in God – an energy in the universe that is eternal. It’s interesting that with many people I must interact with – they consider me an atheist condemned to hell. They actually pray for me to change and follow their narrow concepts…….

David Gallaher says:

“I just think that even without religion, humankind would find an excuse to kill each other. I do wonder what it will take to make us grow beyond this need.”

Answering that would require another thread at least, but you know how dogs take on a different personality when they become part of a pack? Jane Goodall noticed a similar trait among chimpanzees.
I think the trigger for the desire to kill has to do with placing faith in leaders, or alpha males (or alpha females).
What tranquility requires is not “better” leaders, but no followers. In other words: become a peaceful anarchist.

Heather says:

No followers?

That would be awesome, but I think we have to evolve A LOT more before that happens.

David Gallaher says:

It’s hard to imagine in US society since God is the ultimate alpha male in our Islamo-Judeo-Christian tradition. And if we don’t follow Him, we go to Hell (not the restaurant).

Peace out!

John T. Sixteen says:

Larry, if there were a billboard with your face on it, what would you want for the caption? What would it say if Jean put up the caption? Judge not, lest thou be judged.

John T. Sixteen says:

I am not so full of myself to claim to know God’s Will. I would like to think the world is so wonderful that Jesus would have nobody bombed. I would like to think the world is so wonderful that the Great Flood would have been unnecessary, that Sodom and Gomorrah would not have been destroyed. I would like to think the world is so wonderful that sending an only Son to the Cross for the sins of man would be unthinkable. The Truth is that there is Evil in this world and the longer we point our finger at President Bush, the deeper Satan chuckles.

Larry Gross says:

Free speech is a wonderful thing and as a writer, I use that free speech a lot. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and everyone in this country is free to voice it out loud. I could care less if Jean puts up a billboard about me.

As far as Bush, most of us hear are voicing our opinion but I think a lot of them are plain facts. Bush and company has gotten us in a war we don’t need to be in. He has lied to us over and over again. He is misguided, more than a little dumb and pretty much a bonehead.

Marilyn says:

David, I most likely do espouse peaceful anarchist thinking…

It’s pretty scary to me how our so-called democracy has become twisted. Elections can be rigged and agendas that have little to do with the common man get pushed forward. And we are quickly becoming a society of very rich and very poor.

CA says:

Fuck, I thought hell was a burrito joint.

Heather says:

No, a burrito joint is hell.

It’s a common mistake.

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