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{February 25, 2007}   As High as Heaven


I went to Mass with a really good buzz this morning. My wife Amy won’t smoke dope before Mass. She says it’s disrespectful, but I think it adds a whole new dimension to my appreciation of Mass: the colors of the church windows, the music, the symbolism of the

The Rastafarians consider marijuana a sacrament, and I can see why. It’s so much easier to consider concepts like God, grace and love when you have a good buzz. Seriously, I listen to the priest’s sermon a whole lot more than when I go without a buzz.

I don’t think marijuana’s a sacrament, but if it’s used right, like any other tool, it can be a way to get closer to God; at least it is for me. And it makes other experiences better, too, like sex. Amy won’t argue with that one, and besides it doesn’t hurt anybody as long as you’re not driving or anything.

Here’s a question for you blog readers. What’s the best time to get high?

Mike Hunt

(Graphic from


Keith says:

Many of us were hoping you would never come back here.

Matt says:

What’s the best time to get high?

Summer evenings as the sun goes down. It’s still only February.

Barbara says:

You’re a dope. Why would you post something like this on a Sunday morning?

Boss says:

I don’t think marijuana’s a sacrament, but if it’s used right, like any other tool, it can be a way to get closer to God;

you’re on your way to hell, buddy.

Mike says:

I’ll smoke grass whenever I can get my hands on it, anytime, anywhere.

Vickie says:

At least the photo was decent.

Jim Stanton says:

I think you know all too well that this was a pretty tasteless tale to put up on a Sunday. It’s really disappointing to see this.

jen says:

What’s the best time to get high?

i have on tape every “twin peaks” show. i like to get high, put in a tape and get lost in that strange world.

Heather says:

I smoke two joints in times of peace
And two in times of war

I smoke two joints before I smoke two joints
And then I smoke two more


Phil says:

I’m in walking distance to my job so during my lunch break, I go back home and smoke a little. It makes the afternoon much more interesting.

Sue says:

What a VILE thing for you to put up on Sunday. You should be ashamed.

hard as nails says:

paging mike hunt. paging mike hunt. has anyone seen mike hunt?

Jan says:

You are a disgusting man.

Man of the Hour says:

Does your wife know you screw farm animals?

Maggie says:

I think we all need to say a prayer for Mike.

Brian the 1st says:

Before any sensual experience {good movies, sex, concerts, frisbee golf or even posting comments on weblogs}, burn a spliff or two and let the fun begin.

Natasha says:

Just don’t wake & bake. The rest of the day is downhill from there.

Jackie says:

Hey, at least he’s going to mass. Give him some credit for that.

Karen says:

The thing is if Mike was drinking instead of smoking point, there wouldn’t be any outrage about asking when is the best time to do it.

jake says:

man, mike, what the hell do say at confession?

jackula says:

jesus christ, he’s just smoking a little weed. it’s not like he’s going to church on acid or something. lighten up.

i like to smoke my weed with all the lights out, with lit candles and with classical music in the background.

Vic says:

What a loser.

CA says:

I don’t find God in Mary Jane. I find God in letting go.

hard as nails says:

I don’t find God in Mary Jane.

i did several years ago. that girl could screw.

CA says:

Yeah, I know. I mean, I heard.

Joe says:

I love smoking a little weed, then going to the grocery store. Thing is, I always overbuy when I’m high.

Darlene says:

I only smoke dope when I’m at parties. I love getting high around friends.

Allen says:

Grass is too mellow. I prefer speed.

Susan says:

Just more shock here today. You love doing this stuff I know but it’s really a big turn off to me.

tilly says:

what a sickening man you must be, a total handfull. how does your wife put up with you?

Bill says:

Some of you just want to see the shock here. If you actually read what the guy is saying and forget about his made up name, most of what he says makes sense. Go back and read it again.

Harvey says:

So many of you overreact here. There is nothing wrong with smoking a little week before going to Mass. So often, the conservative bullshit comes shining through.

Chill out.

Janie says:

I think of thought the post was cool.

T.J. Hooker says:

Mike Hunt: Flake.

Man of the Hour says:

Give the guy some credit here. At lease he didn’t take his sheep with him to mass, he took his wife.

Heather says:

I thought his wife was a sheep.

hard as nails says:

I thought his wife was a sheep

yes, i went back and read that outstanding post. angel has probably been his dinner at this point.

Chuck says:

Were the priest’s hands clean?

ed says:

what an asshole.

Richard says:

About the only way you could even get me to go to church would be stoned. I can relate to what the guy is saying.

Judge Judy says:

“My wife Amy won’t smoke dope before Mass. She says it’s disrespectful.”

Listen to your wife and not your sheep.

Maria says:

I thought the post was pretty fucking cool, but then again I smoke grass 🙂

Heather says:

I won’t go to church stoned or otherwise.

The fact that I’ve been inside a church and not caught fire is proof that God does not exist.

(or he’s not paying close enough attention, which is pretty much the same thing)

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