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{February 27, 2007}   Free Cycle

candy.jpgI wish I could sit on the computer all day but I have to deal with my house. It’s out of control. My boyfriend almost has a heart attack when he comes over. He can’t understand my orderly chaos.

I just joined the free cycle group. I got a “new” bathroom vanity sitting in my dining room. I have about $50 worth of diaper coupons that should be in the mail today. My mom said my new free cycle friends that are coming to my house to get my unwanted items are going to either kill or rob me (she’s sooo paranoid).

She doesn’t support my free cycling, or my breastfeeding (that’s why I stay at home, I’ve been converted to a nipple Nazi and my entire family believes in formula/bottles only, it’s a constant family argument). They make me cry when they tell me to put my baby in daycare, give her a bottle and work a standard job. Everyone likes to tell me what to do, not sure why. Maybe because I always do what I want?

I wish I could find a free cycle dishwasher, I hate washing the never ending stacks downstairs.

Candy Apple

(Photo from Deviant Art)


Jeff says:

You are one strange lady. I mean that in a nice way.

Polly says:

Good for you, Candy, staying home to take care of your baby. I did it when my son was little and it was well worth it.

Karen says:

I think being a “nipple nazi” is a good thing 🙂

hard as nails says:

your nipples are always welcome at my place.

Debbie says:

Your baby is only little once. I think it it wonderful that you are staying at home and being a good mother.

Babble On says:

Is your boyfriend the father of your baby? Just curious.

Matt says:

I think this is your second post. You seem really hyper to me, sort of gives me a headache.

Harvey says:


Judge Judy says:

You may be cute as hell, but a writer you’re not. Try sales.

Marilyn says:

Free cycle is a great idea. People are always upgrading and just tossing appliances. Cool.

Breast feeding? Yep, I did that. Makes the most sense and MUCH less dishes to wash.

Therasa says:

I went to other web sites and got myself an education on free cycle. Thanks for the post!

Tate says:

Is this the best you could do today?

David Gallaher says:

“He can’t understand my orderly chaos.”
Ms. Apple,
As a peaceful anarchist, I’m sensitive to use of the word, “chaos” as being paired with “anarchy,” and both used as epithets.
Try using the word, “complexity.” You’ll find it works, conveys your meaning even better, and completely mystifies your ignorant detractors.
Now, how about sharing your feelings about disposable diapers?

many fewer dishes

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