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{February 27, 2007}   My Kick Ass Lighter


I put my lighter
through the wash but it’s okay
‘cause it’s a Zippo

Jim Allen

(Photo of Jim’s Zippo from


Matt says:

If you’re a serious smoker and I am, you gotta have a zippo. I’ve had mine for at least five years and it’s still going strong.

Scott says:

Matt, five years is nothing. I have had mine for at least ten.Cigarettes tastes better lit up with a zippo.

Karen says:

Hey Larry, do you still have that black one? I always thought it was cool.

Jackie says:

You all need to quit smoking!

Fred says:

I’ve had through about half a dozen Zippos, not because they don’t work — they always work — but because I keep losing them.

Know why your cigarettes tastes better with a Zippo? Because of the lighter fluid.

Marilyn says:

Wow, that brought back some memories.

My dad and his brothers were all of the type that back in the day, they rolled their cigs and lighter up in their white t-shirt sleeve.

They always had novelty zippos. Clear, so you could see dice or fishing lures or whatever floating in the lighter fluid.

Me? I always use a bick. It fits into a silver and turquiose case that my mom gave me when she quit smoking years ago.

Deb says:

Are ladies allowed to carry zippos? I do!
I love to watch people out on the sidewalk smoking trying to light their cigarette with a Bic on windy days, you know? With a zippo it doesn’t matter how windy it is. You can always get your cigarette lit up.

Larry Gross says:

“Hey Larry, do you still have that black one?”

Nope, lost it years ago. For Christmas, my buddy Greg got me a new one – gold with eagles on the front. It’s beautiful or maybe a better word is handsome. I just lit up another cigarette with it.

Polly says:

They always had novelty zippos. Clear, so you could see dice or fishing lures or whatever floating in the lighter fluid.

Marilyn, I remember these too! My grandfather had one with the fishing lures and I was always amazed by it.

she says:

poser…that ain’t your lighter

Matt says:

Back off, Jackie! I love smoking and I figure something is gonna get me sooner or later.

Eddie says:

Hell, now I feel like I should go get one and I don’t even smoke.

jake says:

zippos are a pain in the ass, always running out of fluid.

jTim says:

When you’re dead and buried from smoking too much, make sure that zippo lighter is still in your pocket.

hard as nails says:

i don’t think jt likes smokers.

Teri Archer says:

It goes without saying but I’ll say it anyway: You all need to quit this nasty habit, especially you, Larry – being diabetic and all.

Matt says:

When you’re dead and buried from smoking too much, make sure that zippo lighter is still in your pocket.

Not a problem, jT, its in my will.

Marilyn says:

Matt, I would HOPE that my loved ones knew me well enough to put a pack of smokes and my lighter in the casket with me.

We’re all gonna die someday. Yep, maybe smokers quicker, I don’t know.
Some people drive too fast, some people don’t wear seatbelts, some people take risks in many other ways. Just leave us smokers alone!

hard as nails says:

teri, we’ll stop our nasty habit when you stop your nasty habit of sleeping with every guy you meet.

T.J. Hooker says:

Tip: Always buy silver Zippos. The gold ones start to tarnish way too soon.

Adelaide says:

Ser snyggt ut, men de tvÃ¥ rosa plupparna till vänster och höger som följer med hela tiden är mer än lovligt irentrraide…

Man of the Hour says:

You should start selling zippos here on this blog with lol girl on the lighter. Charge 50 bucks each.

Death says:

You smokers are all gonna die.

Marilyn says:

Death, I’ve done battle with you before… even on this blog. I’m not afraid. Go away today, you’ll be back soon enough!

David Gallaher says:

I have a never-been-used Zippo from when the RJR guy came to town many years ago. The package also included some A-1 Steak Sauce… which I did use.

Obviously I’ve never been a smoker–an occasional chipper–but I recall my sociology teacher giving a lesson in how to light a cigarette: Use a match after its flame has calmed, and don’t touch the flame to the cigarette. Hold it as far as possible below.
Or was it my physics teacher? Everyone smoked back then.
I remember the Camel News Hour with John Cameron Swayzee. And, of course, Edward R. Murrow.
Back in the old days, one could even smoke in the jury box.
And cuspidors in the post office.
Don’t get me started!

Marilyn says:

David, believe it or not, I had a surgery in the early 90’s at Good Sam hospital. I was offered the choice of a smoking or non-smoking hospital room. I chose smoking, of course.

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