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{March 1, 2007}   Boogie Woogie Steam Train #1


Hey Karen@ The Hood – here’s a guy who has played in Over-the-Rhine clubs to standing room only crowds. He respects everyone in this city and in my view; he is a music legend in Cincinnati.

Ricky Nye has been making toe tapping piano music here for years. Do yourself a favor and click on the YouTube clip below. I guarantee it’s gonna make you feel good.

The Cincinnati Entertainment Awards needs to honor this guy come November. Seriously.

Larry Gross

(Photo from


Karen says:

My foot was tappin’ 🙂

Sharon says:

I have loved his music for a very long time. This was fun!

Jennifer White says:

I can’t get it to work 😦

TNT says:


Danny says:

I dig it!! This guy is way cool.

Chuck says:

When it comes to putting up music posts, let somebody else do it. You don’t know how to rock.

Sam says:

I got into it – played it 3 times. says:


hard as nails says:


Chase says:

All very,very good 🙂

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