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{March 3, 2007}   Show Me Your Armpit


Below: A “documentary” on the streets of Cincinnati.

Or: How to waste four minutes of your Saturday.

Actually the guy behind the counter – I think – was a waiter at Mullane’s. Can somebody nod their head on that?

Larry Gross

(Photo from National Geographic)


See - you says:

This was pretty dumb.

Julie says:

Yes – I think this guy was a waiter at Mullane’s for awhile. The clip was “different.”

Gus_J says:

It’s like clerks without the wit and scathing social commentary. I guess that means it’s not like clerks. It was pretty funny when Randall sold the smokes to the kid that was shorter than the sales counter.

Brenda says:

I just thought it was stupid.

Matt says:

This was funny as all get out! Do more of this type of thing.

Tangy says:

Photo used: Gross.

C.A. says:

Chillin’ like a villian. Larry, this is classic. Downtown Cincy is SO rockin, as seen in this masterful documentary. F’n hilarious. I almost pissed my pants.

Rod says:

What the hell was the point of putting this crap up?

Marilyn says:

Having raised the kids that Mike Judge actually modeled Bevis and Butthead after, I found this clip quite amusing.

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