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{March 5, 2007}   Monday’s Lunch


• Eggs
• Bacon
• Hotdogs
• Tomatoes
• Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup
• Tomatoes Juice

Somebody’s Roommate



Marilyn says:

Lemme guess: ‘Roommate’ ate the food purchased by ‘somebody’, right?

Damn, that reminds me, I missed lunch!

Jennifer White says:


Matt says:

Raw bacon? I think the dude is dead.

Polly says:

Thanks for this beautiful photo. It almost made me throw up my lunch.

Jacob says:

Wendy’s chili for lunch. Much better than what this guy ate.

Janet says:

Lunch: More Skyline. I’m in a rut.

DeeDee says:

Lunch: Red beans & rice.

Dandy says:

guy in photo – just found my new wallpaper for my computer. he looks like my boss. thanks!

Helen says:

This is the most disgusting photo yet. It’s even worse than that pig/penis thing.

Heather says:

BBQ Ribs!

They’re hard to find out here.

Rita says:

Please – anybody out there – call CSI.

hard as nails says:

Please – anybody out there – call CSI.

yes! but which one? there are so many of them on cbs.

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