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{March 6, 2007}   My New Boyfriend Loves Country Music


I thought he was really a good guy. We met at a party a couple weeks ago and clicked.

We went out a few times and last night, I went back to his place in Clifton. After a few glasses of wine, he excused himself to go to the bathroom. I took that opportunity to look at some of the CDs he had on top of his stereo.

I saw the names Carrie Underwood, Brooks & Dunn, Keith Urban and some others. What are they – country music artists?

How could this cool, hip, good looking man be into this?

We made love last night to the sounds of somebody named Toby Keith. It was almost more than I could bear.


(I don’t know where I got the damn photo, forgot to write it down, but somebody needs to tell this Toby guy to button his shirt)


Jane says:

“We made love last night to the sounds of somebody named Toby Keith.”

Under these conditions I would call this rape.

Polly says:

Brandy, I feel your pain.

Man of the Hour says:

Before he screwed you, did he at least take off his cowboy hat?

hard as nails says:

Toby is dopey.

Jackie says:

Why are you all making fun of Toby Keith? Some of his songs are pretty good.

Sam says:

Good old Toby Keith – the guy who went to “war” with the Dixie Chicks and turned country music against them. Good old Toby Keith – the guy who supported this stupid war from the start.

Doesn’t he look foolish now?

Rita says:

I like country music – I am very versatile.

If he’s a good guy and you can’t accept the power of country music into your heart (Hallelujah! Amen.), I’d be glad to give him a call….

Tammy says:

Let up on Toby! Some of us like country music.

Marilyn says:

I have a love-hate relationship with country music. I’ve loved much of it all my life, but I hate what I feel it stands for — the negative aspects of my appalachian heritage.

Marsha says:

Isn’t Toby just dreamy? Not.

hard as nails says:

i should have been a cowboy.

John says:

What does any of this post have to do with Richard Hines and CincyNation? That’s where all the action is today. Strange.

Tony says:

I actually enjoyed some of Toby Keith’s music until he turned into this war supporter and slammed the Dixie Chicks. I’m not saying what the Chicks did was right, but what he did was just as bad.


both toby keith AND the dixie chicks suck, so what difference does it make?

gimme some Dwight, some Willie, some Loretta, some Hank (SENIOR). REAL country, not overproduced pop crap. Toby Keith is to Willie Nelson what 98 degrees is to the rolling stones.

trey says:

Toby Keith rules. I never was a fan of country music (but I have always kinda liked Waylon, and Willie and Outlaw Country) but TK wrote a stupid jingoistic song after 9/11 and perfectly captured the mood of most of the country. (A far gutsier and better song than those supposed songwriting legends (Springteen,Neil Young, Paul McCartney- am I showing my age?)wrote about 9/11)Since than he has been mostly apolitical but still the left hates him.(they never forgive, do they?)

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