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{March 7, 2007}   Why is CiN Weekly Here?

fake.gifI was more than a little amused last week when Ben Kaufman on CityBeat’s Porkopolis Blog reported how a lazy writer over at CiN Weekly raved about the great coffee at One Mo Cup of Coffee Café in Northside – a café that has been closed for over a year.

While this screw up is funny, it’s not surprising.

CiN Weekly is not here to enlighten you about coffee houses. They are not here to keep you informed. They are not here to help the community and I doubt if they really care if you read them or not.

Why is CiN Weekly Here? To drive out competition. To try and kill the true alternative newspaper in this city – CityBeat.

Of course, it hasn’t worked just as it hasn’t worked in other cities where Gannett (that’s who owns the CiN Weekly rag and also The Cincinnati Enquirer mess) has attempted to go in and take away market share from successful alternative newspapers. Maybe it works for awhile, but more sooner than later, readers catch on to the “fake” alternatives. They are full of sound bites, fluff and lazy writing. Ever notice how those CiN Weekly racks are always full these days?

Click here to read a story published by The Beast last year about how Gannett entered the alternative newspaper business in Rochester, New York. Their version of CiN Weekly is the Insider and the article clearly shows how Gannett can’t stand any kind of competition.

Now, I must head over to Northside and the One Mo Cup of Coffee Café.

Larry Gross

(Photo of CiN Weekly ripped off from Gannett. This was their first offering – “That’s So Cincinnati” – a ripoff of a story CityBeat did some years earlier. Lazy indeed)


TNT says:

I picked up Cin just once and that was enough for me. You can tell the Enquirer owes it. Crap.

Tim says:

I think the “battle of the racks” says it all. If you delay on picking up CityBeat you run the risk of not finding one. With Cin, that’s never an issue – always plenty.

Marilyn says:

When I was ill and homebound, I asked somebody to pick me up a CB. Well, they accidentally grabbed a CinWeekly. I looked at the first couple of pages and tossed it.

There is no contest!

Marilyn says:

Hey guys, go over to CB’s Pork blog and read up on our war protestor’s days in court. Happening now…

hard as nails says:

shocking that in this week’s cin weekly about blogging this one or the other citybeat blogs aren’t mentioned. i don’t think they like us over here.

Daniel says:

For what it is, it’s all right. Yes, it’s a bit “airy” but sometimes that’s all i want.


I like to call it CiN WEAKly. I know certain folks don’t like that. I know certain folks can kiss it, too.

CW habitually rips off CityBeat’s ideas–remember that whole Women In Rock Issue a few years back? That was fun. ::rolleyes::

I picked up the 1st issue, (with that lameass spaghetti photo on it) and realized quickly that all CW is is a vehicle for the Enquirer’s classified advertising.

i did find a use for CW once this past year–i wrapped my plates with it when i moved. thanks cin WEAKly!

Tate says:

I don’t know why but whenever I see a Cin weekly around, I always think of the word plastic.

Man of the Hour says:

i wrapped my plates with it when i moved. thanks cin WEAKly!

………..I often use it as toilet paper.

don says:

no bite to it at all. i don’t bother to pick it up anymore.

Rhonda says:

I think there is room is this city for both Citybeat and Cin Weekly and I don’t see Cin putting down Citybeat the where you do constantly here.


no they don’t put down CityBeat–they just try to underhandledly and sneakily steal all their advertisers to try and run them out of business.

Sharon says:

CityBeat is the better paper but the one thing you can say about Cin is that their staff shows up at events they throw. CityBeat people often don’t bother.


I’ve never been to a citybeat event and not seen dan mccabe, kris from advertising, and john fox, at least. i’ve seen brian baker at plenty of things, too. now you can’t get that hermit breen out for *anything* (if jesus himself played northside tavern i still don’t think he’d show-just teasin’, mike)–but the others seem pretty game.

the CEAs are hands-down one of the best events in Cincinnati, and it’s always very well-attended, staffers or not.

cin weakly folks have time to show up at their own events cos they don’t have to waste time doing any of that pesky fact-checking.

Jackie says:

Foxy’s right. I always see CityBeat people at their events. Do you even know who the CityBeat people are?

Dana says:

I’m glad Cin Weekly is around. It’s such a good time to make fun of it.

Susan says:

I read Cin Weekly much more than CityBeat. Not everybody is crazy about your kind of alternative newspaper.

Kevin says:

If you like to read and be informed, then you’re a City Beat reader. If you’re George W. Bush, then you “look” at Cin Weekly.

Jennifer White says:

CityBeat is the only alternative in town. It’s very clear when you pick up a Cin and look through it, you figure out it’s just a way to sell advertising.


This is by far my favorite CityBeat blog but it’s good to see the other two are starting to make regular posts — some even with pictures!

Adam says:

The name “Cin” turned me off immediately. Then I read it. Then I threw up.

C.A. says:

I read a few pretty good music articles in there awhile back, but I couldn’t seem to find the writer’s name. huh. he was good, tho.

C.A. says:

or she. sorry to be gender specific.

Mouse says:

I thought Richard Hines had at Cincynation that the Downtowner was going to become a bigger publication called Pulse or Metro Pulse, something like that. Hope it’s better than CinWeekly but certainly will never be better than CB!

Ellie says:

Hey Mouse, I kind of remember this being mentioned on CincyNation but I’ve lost track of what’s going on. I hope a new intercity publication happens. I still read the Downtowner but its really not much of a paper anymore. Something fresh would be good.

But CityBeat rocks. Cin Weekly is just there.

Eddie says:

When a writer can’t take the time to visit a coffee house to see what’s going on – then just make something up – that writer needs to be fired. Cin Weekly is a disgrace.

William says:

Cin Weekly? laughable.

you-moo says:

can you imagine working at cin? i would feel guilty taking my paycheck to the bank.

z-z top says:

cin? the weekly? the rag? piece of shit ya’all.

your eleven o'clock says:

one of my pals works at cin. he’s a damn fine artist and a local musician, in addition to being a sweet and gracious guy who absolutely raves about citybeat. they’re not all insipid jerks, they just suffer the misfortune of cincinnati’s lack of good media jobs.

Brian Ciesko says:

yes, CinWeakly is mostly a bonehead guide to being another mindless consumer in this town full of sheep. BUT . . .there is the occaisonal nugget of decent writing from Gina Daugherty’s book column, Tabari McCoy’s movie [not “film”] reviews and the “Dear Doug” column is sometimes funny. And those are the ONLY reasons to justify that rag’s existence.
In the end, though, CityBeat rules! ‘Specially the LOL columns, those people are just so damn gifted.

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