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{March 8, 2007}   Cincinnati Photo of the Week


Name: William and Harriet Flanagan.


Address: Bridgetown.


Occupation: William is an accountant, Harriet is a housewife.


Religion: Catholic.


Who Should Go to Hell: People who don’t support George W. Bush.


2nd Choice: Long haired hippie freaks.


3rd Choice: All CityBeat employees.


Favorite Newspaper: The Cincinnati Enquirer.


Favorite Television Show: Reruns of “Gunsmoke.”


Favorite Book: The Bible.


Children: Three. All ran away from home.


Reason for photo: William and Harriet don’t like change.

Tom Anus

(Photo from


Jackie says:

No. This isn’t your photo of the week. Doris tops this by far.


the religion is wrong. they should be non-denomonational Christian and go to Crossroads or the Vineyard.

Catholics don’t read the Bible, and they’d have at least 5 kids.

Man of the Hour says:

This photo ain’t local. If it was those bags would say Keller’s IGA.

Karen says:

No pretty pictures today, that’s for sure!!

Marilyn says:

Man o’ the Hour: Keller’s has switched to plastic bags, or haven’t you heard? Which might actually be a better idea in this case!

Larry Gross says:

Here’s sort of an update on the Keller IGA paper bags (I guess some are interested).

They made the attempt but TOO MANY CUSTOMER COMPLAINTS. Those famous paper bags are back at least for awhile. Rumor has it that soon if you want paper, you’re gonna get charged 3 cents per bag.

Karen says:

I noticed the paper bags are back too. Keller’s without those paper bags is like a day without sunshine 🙂

num says:

Tom Anus

the name suits you perfectly.

hard as nails says:

the flanagans: nice feet, nice bags.

Orange says:

The photo is just fucking gross, even worse than Doris. How about some flowers, some trees?

RHines says:

Funny stuff. But I’m not sure people on the prudish westside are willing to take off their clothes with the lights on!

David Gallaher says:

Reason for bags over their heads: Both have a “thing” for Doris’ “thing,” if either could find it.

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