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{March 10, 2007}   The Paul Dixon Show: Meemaw & PeePaw


“The Paul Dixon Show” ruled Cincinnati morning television from 1955 to 1975. Always broadcast live Monday through Friday over on Elm Street here downtown, people would wait for years to get tickets to the show and sponsors lined up for an even longer period of time to advertise. The only thing that shut “Paul Baby” down was a fatal heart attack.

I have finally found a clip from the show and I’ve watched it twice and laughed out loud both times. If you’re too young to remember Paul Dixon, here’s a little of what you missed. This man is a legend in local television.

Larry Gross

(Photo of “Paul Baby” from


Bonnie says:

I remember very little about Paul Dixon but my mother would watch him every morning. The clip was really funny. Now I know why my mom watched him!

Babble On says:

I always loved Paul Baby!!! Thanks for putting this up.

Polly says:

I’m probably older than a lot of you who visit here and I remember Paul Baby Dixon very well. He basically did the same routine every damn morning but none of us cared, because he loved him. He was truly ahead of his time and this clip brought back a lot of good memories. I’ve watched in five times. I hope to see more of Paul Baby here.

Matt says:

I’ve heard of Dixon but didn’t live in the area when the show was on. I’m also a little younger than you, Larry. But I know Letterman always admired this guy and the clip still holds up. Funny stuff.

Marilyn says:

Matt, I didn’t know that David Letterman liked our Paul Baby, but it makes sense, doesn’t it?

He was somebody who had fun and was fun! It doesn’t get any better than that.

Jerry Springer with his “beads” probably just ripped off Paul Dixon… Paul had knee ticklers — little things that attached to the hem of the ladies’ skirts (back when women had to wear dresses and skirts) to tickle their knees. Ah, that was waaaay sexier than the women on Springer showing their boobs!

Ted says:

Yes, the old knee ticklers. How could I forget that?

I was just a kid when Dixon was on but I know half the things he did back then he couldn’t get away with now. It would be considered sexist. Back then, it was just funny.

Becky says:

This guy was popular? He was making fun of the kid. It wasn’t funny.

Jennifer White says:

I don’t know Paul Dixon at all because I’m not from here, but I played the clip and I laughed. Your right, Larry, the stuff still holds up.

Jim Stanton says:

We had so much live television here in the 60’s and 70’s. It was a different time, a different place, but I’m sorry to see it gone. This clip produced a bunch of good memories. Thanks.

Mandy says:

Mom always like this guy in the morning, could never see the point. Now I do. He was good natured and funny.

Maggie says:

The video was all right. The funnest thing was looking at all the women in the audience and their hair. What were they thinking?

Brian says:

Boring. You’re always living in the past.

Hank says:

This is bullcrap. Put up a music clip.

Brian the 1st says:

Brian . . . aaand what is so fuckin’ great about television today?
It’s just a deeper wasteland and hardly anyone outside Letterman, Stewart and Colbert know a thing about the artfulness demanded in being a true comic. Paul Baby was on when I was a just li’l shaver, never knew a thing about him except how damn popular he was in this town. This clip shows why;thanks Larry.

Julie says:

I have watched this clip about a dozen times. I didn’t know Paul Dixon, too young, but I’m touched by his humor and grace with the kid from down south. I truly, truly enjoyed this.

David says:

This was funny. I wasn’t around in the 70’s, but it was funny. Paul Dixon was – what’s the word? Funny.

Dot says:

The clip was a gas. My mother watched “Paul Baby” reliously and I remember all the antics he did. He was just having fun and so was the audience.

I looked at this a couple times today. It was a lot of fun.

Dot says:

“The Paul Dixon Show” ruled Cincinnati morning television from 1955 to 1975. Always broadcast live Monday through Friday over on Elm Street here downtown.

Yes. Crosley Square. Paul, Ruth, Dean Richards. Good local shows. A thing of the past. Sad.

tjh says:

live television was an exciting thing here locally 30 some odd years ago. what’s exciting here now —-the local news?

Rita says:

Thanks Larry. I enjoyed the Paul Dixon clip. I remember watching him, Bonnie Lou and Colleen Sharp with my mom every morning. It brought back great memories.

As a little girl, Paul Dixon made me laugh – I loved his humor. He was definitely someone Cincinnati could be proud of.

Thanks again.

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