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{March 11, 2007}   Could Cincinnati Become the New Houston?


Investment in biofuels continues to grow. According to this article (click here), farmers in the Midwest are sending billions of bushes of corn to refineries that turn it into billions of gallons of fuel.

Somebody correct me if I’m wrong. Isn’t Cincinnati in the Midwest?

With spring approaching, soon we’ll be seeing those cornfields all around us again. The Cincinnati area really could become the new Houston as America has finally woken up to ethanol and realizes we need to get off the oil.

Will our city take advantage of this? Will we be talking to investors here about ethanol or will we sleep right pass it?

Larry Gross



john says:

There’s less to the whole ethanol thing than meets the eye. Read up on it. You’ll be surprised.

hard as nails says:

is larry gross suggesting that downtown cincinnati be turned into a cornfield?

TNT says:

What? Something progressive, something different in Cincinnati. You have lost your mind.

Joan says:

The article you attached was interesting. I don’t think using corn is the cleanest alternative fuel but it would make us less oil dependent and help our farmers. What I’m saying is it would be a step in the right direction.

Brian says:

Give me a break. Your “outstanding” in your field.

numb says:

you’re nuts. sincerely.

Matt says:

Somebody correct me if I’m wrong. Isn’t Cincinnati in the Midwest?

No. It’s in never-never land.

Larry, you know damn well that Cincinnati will not have anything to do with this. Go outside and enjoy the nice day.

Pat says:

Do you know how much corn is in our diet? It’s really bad for you. Turn it into fuel and maybe we’ll eat less of it.

Alex says:

I think any step we take to get away from oil is good. Yes, there are much better alternatives than corn, but it is an alternative and I’m glad to see that we here are being to take it seriously – getting off the oil.

But this is Ohio. This is Cincinnati. You are dreaming if you think we are going to be first in line when it comes to getting on board. Can you imagine City Council taking action on this? Never.

Man of the Hour says:

The Banks Project: A solution –grow corn on those 10 acres!

Your welcome.

Chuck says:

Larry, I think you’re smoking that corn, man. This won’t be happening here.

RHines says:

With the expected growth of biofuels companies in the Midwest, they’ll be looking for places to set up their corporate headquarters. Cincinnati would be a good spot.

With regard to biofuels being overblown, just look at the success story in Brazil.

john says:

“With regard to biofuels being overblown, just look at the success story in Brazil.”

Sure, but Brazil has 300 days of sunshine and tropical temperatures. That allows Brazilians to grow sugarcane which is materially more productive of fuel. Totally different set of economics.

The other problem with ethanol is distribution. Because corn-based ethanol condenses and forms water vapor in pipelines, you have to truck it long distances.

Corn-based ethanol will be a marginal contributor to the solution of our energy supply problem. That said, everything helps. Better to end the sprawl and get people living closer to where they work. And, of course, if you reduce sprawl, you reduce competition for productive farm land. So it becomes more profitable to farm it than develop it.

Jeff- or-ly says:

Fuck this corn shit. Where the hell as LOL girl been???????????????????

Jackie says:

I don’t know much about biofuels, but whatever became of the electric car? Why can’t these be produced? John, I’m asking you.

hard as nails says:

will cincinnati become cornfield county? details at eleven.

john says:

“I don’t know much about biofuels, but whatever became of the electric car? Why can’t these be produced? John, I’m asking you.”

Beats me. I don’t know why people who don’t commute very far can’t buy electric cars they can plug-into a regular 120-volt outlet overnight and be able to travel up to fifty miles the next day. The batteries are available right now for this and, over time, their range will be extended. It wouldn’t work for everyone, but nothing ever does.

Harold says:

All of this is interesting to me. I gave up my automobile last year, because I believe in global warming. It’s not going to do me in, but I fear for my kids and grandkids. John, you seem to be the guy of knowledge here tonight. How do we help ourselves out of this oil mess?

john says:

Change your life so you can walk, bike or use transit to reach most of your destinations. Don’t believe you could ever do it? Then mail your car keys (even the second set) to a friend in Saskatchewan for a month and try it. At the end of the month, buy yourself and your best friends a fine dinner with the money you didn’t spend. You’ll see.

Then sell your car and rent one when you need one. You can rent a new car for nothing on weekends. You will have a richer life for it. You’ll be healthier and not reaching for the Scotch as soon as you get home. You’ll probably lose some weight and cure some chronic health problems.

Buy the books “How To Live Well Without Owning a Car” by Chris Balish and “Divorce Your Car” by Kate Alvord.

You are not alone. Lots of people are doing this. Especially young people and empty-nesters without kids.

Harold says:

john, do you have a book out? you should.

john says:

“john, do you have a book out? you should.”

No, but thanks.

john says:

See: “Ethanol: Feed a Person for a Year or Fill Up an SUV?”

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