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{March 12, 2007}   Monday’s Lunch


• Rat poison
• Bowl of vomit soup
• Piss to drink

Ann Coulter

(Photo of the lovely Ms. Coulter from


hard as nails says:

that’s not nice. she’s such a sweet person.

Karen says:

I’m guessing John Edwards probably had a better lunch.

Wanda says:

I’ve seen a lot of comments here with the words “Disgusting,” “Vile,” Horrible,” and so on.

The posts were actually pretty good and funny but those words come to mind when I see a picture of this woman’s face.

Marilyn says:

Ann, please invite Jean Schitt to your luncheon and both of you have seconds, alrighty?

Rita says:

Could we also add DICK Cheney to the invitation list?


and don’t forget that f*ckstick newt gingrich!!! you’ll need extra for him!

hard as nails says:

maybe newt’s affair was with ann coulter.


shudder to think.

Dan says:

Wild band (shudder to think). Once opened for Smashing Pumpkins…lead singer did the whole set stark nekkid.

Heather says:

Yeah nekkid!

Boo Coulter!

Lunch?? I forgot all about lunch.

I’m hungry.

ed says:

ann’s a simple girl, just misunderstood.


what a bitch.

Matt says:

When you first look at Ann Coulter, I think you see a really beautiful woman.

And then she opens her mouth.

I bet she would be fun on date but how would I keep that trap shut?

hard as nails says:

I bet she would be fun on date but how would I keep that trap shut?

stick “your member” in it.

Phil says:

A much better lunch than Coulter – Steak & eggs!! Soooo good.

Barbara says:

I think it goes without saying that Ann Coulter considers her up to “shock.” How is that any different than this blog?

Perry says:

If you’re trying to say Ann likes to shock and say outrageous things, I couldn’t agree more. But hers are personal attacks. Everything here is all in fun.

Ted says:

Her act is really becoming undone, she’s going too far. Calling Edwards a “fag” is uncalled for. She’s an ass.

Ted says:

…as for lunch: 2 Wendy bacon cheeseburgers.

Rita says:

Ann Coulter is full of hate and negativity. I know that most of us here make fun of DICK Cheney, Bush, Rumsfeld and we call them names like asshole, worthless pieces of human flesh, reincarnations of Satan. But what are people suppose to do when we have so much material to work with. You have to understand …we are right and good judges of character. It’s a burden we must carry.

Larry Gross says:

“Ann Coulter is full of hate and negativity.”

Agreed. I think Ann Coulter is a comic who’s act has run out. To compare her to Archie Bunker is a bit of a stretch, but I’ll try it anyway. To his credit, Archie always stayed funny and we easily saw how stupid his comments were. Coulter isn’t able to do this. She just gets more mean spirited with every book release.

I keep track of Coulter regularly. She’s in a lot of legal trouble these days (seems like our dear Ann voted in the wrong place this past November election), newspapers are dropping her column right and left and the cable news shows are starting to consider her baggage on their shows.

Ms. Coulter has truly stayed too long at the fair.

jackula says:

as a gay gal, i think ann is one hot bitch. is she into bondage? i’d like to tie her to a bad and ram a coke bottle up her skinny ass. i think that might shut her up.

Donny says:

She is hot don’t you think? I love her skinny legs.

Tangy says:

Ann Coulter is a c**t.

Marilyn says:

Larry, I wasn’t aware that her column is being dropped. Thank God! There IS hope!

Matt says:

Donny, go back to loving LOL Girl. Ann would eat you alive.

Ann says:

Ann Coulter? Fuck her ass. I mean that in the most nastly way.

Erin says:

Ann, I’ve known you for for a few years now.

You’re a bitch, but a nice one. 🙂

Lou says:

don’t open your mouth. everyone will love you. 🙂

Marilyn says:

Donny, look into her ice cold eyes and tell me you’d still want to do her!

Jim says:

She looks like a Dixie Chick. Can she sing?

Gus_J says:

“as a gay gal, i think ann is one hot bitch. is she into bondage? i’d like to tie her to a bad and ram a coke bottle up her skinny ass. i think that might shut her up.”

That’s hilarious Jackula, make sure you record that shit. You could make a bundle off internet advertising, and shut some poor server down for an afternoon. It would be a hoot. I don’t think it would shut her up though… wrong orifice.

I don’t get the manly features, I don’t mean to pick her because of her looks (she was born with them and all) but there still is the issue of the adams apple, chiseled face, and man hands.

She’s looking for attention, any attention. Good, bad, whatever. She’s a liability for her party. We should just kick back and watch her self-destruct and spray fart a bunch of old honkies. If she weren’t so corrosive I’d feel bad for her.

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