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{March 13, 2007}   Take Me Out to the Ballgame. Not.


For a lot of years, I was a Reds fan and for a lot of years, I went to a bunch of ballgames. That won’t be the case for the upcoming season.

Last week, The Reds announced there will be no smoking anywhere at the Great American Ballpark. This is a result of the statewide ban passed on the ballot in November.

The Reds won’t even let you go outside to light up. If you do, you won’t get back into the ballpark without purchasing another ticket.

Whatever, Reds management. Suit yourself. This smoker won’t be purchasing any of your five dollar beers or your overpriced hotdogs. I’ll be staying home. That’s just what Cincinnati needs – right? More people not coming downtown.

Look at all the business and restaurant closings downtown. Look at our crime rate. It pisses me off that the focus won’t be on these issues come spring time. It’s going to be on telling smokers to put out their cigarettes at the ballpark.

I’m more than fed up with this no-smoking bullshit. I’ve written about it in my column and also on this blog. Our local Cincinnati Reds aren’t helping. They should at least provide a place outside for us to light up or let us come back in after we smoke.

Until that happens, my money stays in my wallet.

Larry Gross



Dew says:

I won’t be going either. Not because I’m a smoker but because I can’t afford the high prices.

Lou says:

My tax dollars helped pay for this thing. Now this thing is telling me I can’t smoke inside it? I won’t be following the reds this year.

Matt says:

I kind of doubt if the cops are going to be spending all their time at the ballpark chasing down smokers. That wouldn’t make any sense.


Maybe you’re right.

Heather says:

Who needs cops? They have security.

Jackie says:

I simply can’t afford to go the ballgame.


While I am a proponent of the smoking ban (i’ve found I’m an asthmatic first, a Libertarian second, sorry), i do not think the way GABP is handling it is appropriate at all. There should be a designated smoking area outside, and you should be able to present your ticket stub to get back in–it’s not gonna harelip anyone to let folks back in.


addendum: no offense to folks with harelips. but you know what i mean–if they can take the trouble to bring curbside service to the folks who can afford the paddy seats, they can get a couple of workers to let the smokers back in.

Debbie says:

You know when Marge was alive, she at least kept prices reasonable at Riverfront. I don’t smoke but I can’t go to the stadium – too expensive.

Vickie says:

I HATE cigarette smoke so I for one am happy I’ll no longer have to put up with it at a ballgame. All of you complaining about it need to quit smoking!

Marilyn says:

Well Humphf…

There are some strictly non-smoking events I will attend (witness: I have a three-day ticket to see the Dalai Lama in October).

However, it is so unreasonable that the smoking fans are not permitted to go outside, smoke, and return to the stadium, that I can assure you I’ll never set foot in the stadium.

Eric says:

Smokers can’t get back into the ballpark if they want to take a smoke break? Think I’ll take a “break” from the Reds this year.

Charlie says:

The Reds are shooting themselves in the foot. It wouldn’t take very much security at all to let smokers reenter the stadium after a smoke break. I’m a smoker and I won’t be attending any games this year. Screw ’em.

Brenda says:

To all your smokers who are still smoking: Its a thing of the past. We don’t like inhaling your second hand smoke. Wanta smoke? Smoke at home. The Reds made a good decision.

Marilyn says:

Brenda, the smokers aren’t asking to smoke in the stadium (we are used to being herded off to outer space!). We are asking that we be allowed to leave the stadium, smoke and then return. How would THAT hurt you?

Tim says:

“We are asking that we be allowed to leave the stadium, smoke and then return. How would THAT hurt you?”

It can’t hurt her. I think Brenda is one of those people out to get smokers. I don’t smoke, never have, but what’s the harm of letting “you people” back in after a smoke break? Just more foolishness here in Cincinnati.

hard as nails says:

what fun is it to get loaded on beer and then you can’t smoke? i’ll just loaded on beer at home.

Tate says:

Fuck the Reds. I’m with Larry. I’ll keep my money in my wallet.

Bill says:

Doesn’t Marty smoke? What’s he gonna do?

Matt says:

Hey Bill, Marty did smoke but gave it up years ago. I’ll be listening to him a lot this coming season. Great American Ballpark can kiss my ass.

J-O-E says:

take me out to the ballgame
take me out to the crowd
buy me some peanuts and crack.

Joet says:

The world is out to make it difficult for smokers. I say BRING IT ON. I’m not going to quit.

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