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{March 13, 2007}   Weird Day Today


Can’t sleep. Weird day today. Can’t wait until tomorrow to start fresh

I will be honest, I’ve had a very stressful day, and I’m still trying to wind down and relax. It’s hard to cope when you are a smoker who quit because you had a baby who is a non smoker.

I still have a half pack in my dining room buffet. I smell them sometimes. The other day I put one in my mouth and sucked on it and almost had a nicotine induced orgasm. It was pure bliss, but it scared me, so I had to put them away and run out of the room before my kid saw me. I have to save them for a real true emergency.

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Theresa says:

Glad your baby is a non smoker.

You’re strange.

Babble On says:

and my name is Babble ON?

hard as nails says:

It’s hard to cope when you are a smoker who quit because you had a baby who is a non smoker.

how old is your “baby?” 37?


i dunno about ya’ll, but my baby TOTALLY smokes!


Susan says:

You think putting up a little baby smoking is funny? What bad taste.


hey susan–your sense of humor called–it really, really misses you!

Marilyn says:

Foxy, that smoking baby was TOTALLY funny! U No Y? Because the baby is not really smoking and it’s a sight gag.

I was a weird mother. I quit smoking and drinking both times I was pregnant. After they were born, I did smoke. I probably made a mistake, but at least neither of my two children smoke/smoked. As a smoker, I’m glad about that.

But don’t ask me to quit!

jackula says:

marilyn, you must stop! you must stop now!!!!!!!!
heading over to rosie’s to have a few and to………………smoke like chimery.

Marilyn says:

Jacula, hoist one drink for me! Smoke 10 for me!

Harvey says:

What kind of candy are you on – acid? you are spacey.

Jackie says:

Susan, so often you seem really uptight here, especially when we have a little fun with kids. The smoking baby was really funny. Don’t take it so personal.

Isis says:

Don’t smoke. Never did; never will. No baby. However, the day still sucked regardless of my smoking status. I just sincerely believe that I have had to deal with every stupid human being in a twenty mile radius.

Shot of whiskey or two and off to bed. Throwing out intent to the universe that tomorrow is much better. Able to sleep knowing that at least I most likely won’t get lung cancer – not even Cirrhosis from drinking – cheap drunk. However, do I hear a low incoming plane? I’ll get back with you on the plane.

Sorry Babble On….

Polo Stick says:

“The other day I put one in my mouth and sucked on it and almost had a nicotine induced orgasm. It was pure bliss.”

for pure bliss, you need my polo stick. i’m waiting for you.

Marilyn says:

Dear Isis,

Not to fear. We’ll all die someday. Maybe not from smoking or cirrhosis… but something will, fer sure, get us!

People laugh at me for smoking after cancer took my leg. Hmmmm…. I tell them I’m pretty sure the cancer that resulted in a mass in my leg had nothing to do with smoking — just the luck of the draw!

I’m absolutely convinced that you did, indeed, deal with every stupid human being in a 50 mile radius!

Sweet dreams!

Isis says:

Thanks for cheering me up. I am not trying to flag the plane toward my house.

Marilyn says:

I cheered you up by telling you that you will surely die?!

God, I rock!

hard as nails says:

marilyn & isis: the olsten twins.

Rita says:

I don’t remember anyone laughing during those two years of hell that you suffered – well maybe that time we were in your room and you got me hooked on UDF cherry cordial and we couldn’t figure out what to do with that “leg thing a ma jig” – what the hell was that thing anyway? We laughed when we went on a six hour trek to pick up the attitude challenged Butch the Cat after a doctor’s appointment. We laughed when we found that hotel with the all you can drink happy hour and you discovered you found a drink you did not like – martini with olive and olive juice…..

I know I nag you about smoking but it is because you have been my friend since fourth grade. Thanks for eating in the no smoking section with me. You’re so tolerant.

Marilyn says:

Yep! I will only stop my chain smoking for you and for Niki! Whoo Hoo. I have priorities!

Ah darling! The only drink I couldn’t drink — a dirty martini! I love olives (green) but the olive juice in a dirty martini has to be a recipe for a heart attack! Can you say lethal dose of sodium?

Rita says:

Lethal dose of sodium.

Marilyn says:

HAN: We are actually thespians, but don’t tell anyone!

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