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{March 14, 2007}   A Plea for Anna Nicole Smith

marilyn-_2.JPGI could well be the last person on earth to give a flying crap about the life and times of a celebrity, any celebrity. However, I find myself unwittingly tied to Anna Nicole Smith in much the same manner as the coincidences that bound Lincoln and Kennedy – surely you remember those?

Let’s see:

• I lost my twenty-six-year-old son in August, 2006; she lost her twenty-year-old son in September, 2006.

• Both my son and Anna Nicole Smith were taken first to Broward County Medical Center and then to the Broward County Medical Examiner’s offices.

• All the same personnel, from Medical Examiner to detectives, handled both my son and Anna Nicole.

• My son frequented the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino where Anna Nicole was found dead.

(In fact, my son, Luke, sought safe harbor at the Hard Rock during Hurricane Wilma, October, 2005, because all electricity was out in Broward County and Hard Rock has its own power plant.)annanicolesmithpicture.jpgOk, so yeah, the Lincoln/Kennedy coincidences were greater in number, but still.

I don’t attach any magical importance to this little confluence of events, it just helps me remember that Anna Nicole Smith is/was a fellow human being – let her rest in peace.


(Photo of Marilyn taken by……Marilyn? How the hell did she do that? Photo of Anna Nicole Smith from


Polly says:

Besides having large breasts, I could never quite figure out Anna Nicole Smith’s talent.

Jeff says:

let her rest in peace.

You know that’s not gonna happen. She’ll become a bigger star after her death.

hard as nails says:

news flash: a month after her death, anna nicole smith is still dead.

Pat says:

She was just a stripper who married an old man for his money. Why she remains all over the news is a mystery to me.

Donna says:

Marilyn, I know you miss your son but I wouldn’t compare him to Anna Nicole Smith who was a joke when she was alive and is even more of a joke in death. She was a “star” with the only thing going for her was large breasts.

Del says:

I admired her guts in going all the way to the supreme court to get money that was due her after her old husband passed on. She didn’t back down.

David says:

Why are you wasting space here by talking about this woman?

Tate says:

I thought she was a brave, sweet…..stripper.

Tammy says:

Not here too? I’m sick and tired of hearing about this woman!!

Ned says:


You look like a real, live woman. This Anna chick always looked like plastic to me.

Darlene says:

I have to agree with most here. Let Anna rest in peace but enough about her in print.

Marilyn says:

😉 I didn’t expect this to be my most popular post, and guess what? I was right!

Jane says:

It’s a good post and all but man, she’s still on every magazine cover.

Becky says:

I didn’t expect this to be my most popular post, and guess what? I was right!

She’s not my favorite subject, that’s for sure.

Karen @ the hood says:

You’re much prettier than Anna 🙂

Rita says:

Perhaps Anna Nicole did the best she could do with the cards she was dealt. Possible abuse as a child; being constantly judged by her looks, a pair of breast….Dismissed of human quality except for her appearance.

Who are any of us to judge her and dismiss her life on this earth? She fought the system and won her Supreme Court Case. Who do you know that did this? She lost a son she loved. I would hope we could send her prayers/thoughts that she will find her way to peace.

Joe says:

What bugs me about her is that there was REAL NEWS going on when she died and her death is all the media wanted to cover. It was overkill.

I can’t help but wonder what she would think of all of this? So many considered a joke. Now she’s a saint.

Jill says:

“Perhaps Anna Nicole did the best she could do with the cards she was dealt.”

I think that’s about right. The sad thing is she let drugs kill her. She should have put up a better fight.

Matt says:

Marilyn, curious. How did you take that photo of yourself, you sweet young thang you?

Marilyn says:

Ah Matt and Larry, I have a camera phone and just snapped it whilst sitting on my couch. I’d covered up the squawking birds and that’s the sheet draped junk you see in the background.

Actually, I got the idea to do a self portrait after my son had done the same. His is more artistic, showing half his face and hence the wall he’d put up. His photo was shared in the LOL online column, I think, from Nov. 1, 2006.

PS. I’d actually anticipated Larry having a BIG pix of Anna Nicole at the top and my pix would be little at the bottom. Whatever. Seeing myself rather makes me cringe!

Darrell says:

I always regarded her as some kind of joke – this Anna Nicole person. I always considered her fat, too big of tits and no talent for anything. I remember her horrible cable television show and how bad it was.

And then something happened.

She fought for what she thought she had coming to her. She fought for the money that was plainly owed and took it all the way to the supreme court.

Suddenly there was respect.

Now there is sadness. She lost her son and she loss her own life, probably to drugs.

Maybe it was stupid, but I liked the video. I can’t say I’ll miss her but I will say she wasn’t the silly stripper I once thought she was.

Marilyn says:

Darrell, strangely enough I feel the same about her. There is a certain amount of respect I owe anyone who stands up for him or herself.

I never watched her reality show, ever. I didn’t buy Trimspa, even when she hawked it. It was only after her son died, one month after my own, that my heart went out to her. And, yeah, it doesn’t mean anything, but it just is.

Katie says:

I think her life was a very sad one – with all the drugs. I don’t think her life was ever happy. Not for a minute.

hard as nails says:

at least cause of death wasn’t drowning. (sorry)

Marilyn says:

Well… I feel rather philosophical this evening. PBS is broadcasting a show about Elvis. And it occurs to me — all the folks that had a *spark* really speak to me. I don’t know what this means. Maybe I’ve had too much to drink.

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