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{March 14, 2007}   Anna Nicole Who?


After I read Marilyn’s post on Anna Nicole Smith, I started thinking about how much I knew about her. She’s been gone for over a month now and she’s still in the news. Why?

I don’t really know and don’t really care. What do I know about her? Just that she married some old guy and after he died, the son wanted to keep all his old man’s money and not give Smith anything. In my view, if anybody deserved the money, it was her. Can you imagine having sex with this old fart?

For those of you who care, below is a clip in tribute to Anna Nicole. For those who don’t care, at least the song in the video is nice.

Larry Gross

(Photo from


Becky says:

You have got to be kidding? Another one?

Matt says:

Why are you and Marilyn trying to beat a dead horse today?

Perry says:

I have to agree with Larry. She married this guy, slept with him, had sex all that. She should have got the millions she deserved.

hard as nails says:

that’s a nice tie he’s wearing.

Marilyn says:

Wow Larry, I actually let the tribute load (taking for-frickin-ever!) and watched it. Kinda nice.

I agree though, the geezer fossils that want a young, beautiful woman certainly have to pay for it, and yep, she did earn that dough! My grandfather at 89 looked much better than this guy.

jackula says:

video: cheesey and funny.

Carol W. says:

Can’t you take a hint? WE DON’T CARE!

Marilyn says:

Carol, you don’t have to care, that’s the beauty of it!

A lot of people seemed to miss the point — she was human like us. That’s all.

Man of the Hour says:

My God!! She fucked this old guy???

Phil says:

The old man looks like my Uncle Chester. Whatever that means.

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