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{March 15, 2007}   It’s………….Back!


I’m not at all sure if Richard Hines is happy that CincyNation is back on line here in Cincinnati. On his site, he goes into some detail as to why his popular web site HAD to come back but for whatever the reason, thousands of us can now get back to our daily “Cincy” habit.

CincyNation has a bite and edge to it and constantly reminds the city to wake up. You think we might need something like that here?

Richard, we’re glad to have you back and if Brian Griffin thinks I’m kissing your ass, he can kiss mine.

Larry Gross

(Photo of CincyNation logo from The Cincinnati Nation)


Marilyn says:

Groovy! I’m gonna follow the link now…

and Larry, can I get a picture of Brian kissing your ass?

Matt says:


Connie says:

Mr, Hines,
I’m glad you’re back but you have to promise to never do this to us again. You can’t get us hooked and then leave.

Rally says:

Richard and Larry sitting in a tree.

Julie says:

I don’t think you know what you have until it’s gone. Maybe that works two ways. Readers of CincyNation took for granted that it was always going to be there and when it left, there was this outpouring of love for it. The last post on the closing of CincyNation generated almost 90 comments — most not wanting the web site to close up.

Could it also be that Richard Hines felt that love? Maybe he also thought he was being taken for granted by his readers.

Regardless, things are back to the way they should be. Welcome back, Cincinnati Nation.

Gary says:

I feel like this was a big tease of some kind. I think Hines meant to bring it back all along.

Roger says:

CincyNation has a bite and edge to it and constantly reminds the city to wake up.

Jesus, what are you smoking? Hines is the kind of being negative in this town.

Karen says:


D.K. says:

I’m pleased, very pleased that it has returned. Do you know if this is going to be long term? I hope so.

Denise says:

Glad it’s back. STAY BACK.

Tim Graves says:

“CincyNation has a bite and edge to it.”

Yes it does and I’ve noticed so many bloggers out there don’t like this. The one that comes into my head is Cincinnati Blog who takes constant cheap shots at Cincinnati Nation and also here. That blog is a silly cheerleader. CincyNation and this blog (when it decides to be serious)forces a heads up. That’s what we need in Cincinnati.

Marilyn says:

Tim, us serious? Get real!

Tim says:

When I say serious I mean pointing out restaurants that are closing up in Cincinnati. Making a case as to how bad our daily newspaper is by making fun of it. Letting the city know that we notice those “Christmas Carol” banners still up in March. That’s what this blog is best at.

You’re serious when you talk about your son. Karen @ The Hood offers a real voice into life in OTR.

Your serious more than you think you are.

Theresa says:

Hines is back and he’s on the mark as just as he always is – pointing out the good – pointing out the bad.

But if he goes away again —-I’M GONNA KILL HIM.

Marilyn says:

Tim, I know. Of course I was being facetious — it’s sometimes a good thing to hide behind. Thanks for following us.

Yours so sincerely says:

Hines is a joke and so is this mess of a blog.

Marilyn says:

Sincerely, get outta here before we start insulting your mother.

numb says:


hard as nails says:

brian griffin will not like you saying mean things about him here. be afraid. be very afraid.

niles says:

the site tends to be too negative for me, doesn’t interest me all that much.

Frank says:

CincyNation is a piece of sh*t website that does nothing but redirect people to other websites. The site is tacky and full of advertisements. I stumbled upon it a couple of times but didn’t know it was even gone. This Larry Gross guy seems like a big suck up. Dude get off this guys jock. CincyNation is garbage.

Mouse says:

Glad it’s back! I like it because it has everything all the newslinks I need. Many times more than the Enquirer. Probably the best newssite / newsportal in the city.

Question…. If Cincynation just links to other sites, then what’s with the criticism about its comments????

Tim Graves says:

“If Cincynation just links to other sites, then what’s with the criticism about its comments????”

Some of the comments are biting. Most like that – some don’t.

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