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{March 15, 2007}   Q & A with Paul Mecurio


Starting tonight, Paul Mecurio hits the Go Bananas Comedy Club here in town (details and show times are listed below) with his extremely funny comedy act.

Paul is an Emmy and Peabody award-winner for his work as a writer on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.” He headlines comedy clubs regularly and recently shot the TV pilot “Sports Central,” in which he starred, co-created and executive produced.

In April, he’ll be teaming up with Bob and Tom All Stars Comedy Tour again (Paul also has a recurring segment on the Bob and Tom Radio Show called Image Makeover). Paul’s had his own “Comedy Central Presents” half-hour special and has made numerous TV appearances including “Late Night w/Conan O’Brien,” “The Late, Late Show with Craig Kilborn,” “Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn,” CNN, MSNBC, and many others.

Have I sold you on the guy yet? If I haven’t, here’s his web site. It’s pretty cool.

He took an interesting route to becoming a comedian, beginning his career on Wall Street as a mergers and acquisitions lawyer and moonlighting in the clubs.

He showed up here at my apartment last night, unannounced, and we had a little question and answer session. I was drinking vodka. He was watching me.

What’s the rush for you – writing or performing?
Performing. Particularly when I write a bit that really says something and has a strong point of view. If I create an idea out of thin air and make people laugh, that’s pretty cool. Of course if my mother hugged me two more times I wouldn’t need the approval of total strangers.

Here’s a question I’m sure you’ve never heard before: What’s Jon Stewart really like?
A York Peppermint Pattie. Dark on the outside, creamy and smooth on the inside. Don’t ask me how I know this.

I’m sure you’ve followed my work and know that for over 20 years I was a business man just like yourself and gave it all up to make no money as a writer – but shit, you were a Wall Street lawyer. Are you crazy?
Absolutely not! Money, job security, $3,000 suits, a penthouse apartment, the nightlife of New York City… Who would want THAT when you could travel three hours to tell jokes to a bunch of drunks at a bar room in Northwestern Connecticut, only to get stiffed on the $50 you were supposed to get for your performance. Now that’s the life. Wait, I am crazy. Oh God, what have I done?

I think Bob & Tom are funny but I can’t handle them so early in the morning with my morning hang-over. Any suggestions besides stop drinking?
Chase the booze with some crack. It’ll extend your binge for days!

What do you like best about our chili?
The way it looks in the toilet the next morning – very colorful.

What question do you wish somebody would ask you, but never do?
Do you need a hug?

Here’s the deal:

Paul Mecurio @ Go Bananas Comedy Club
Thursday, Mar. 15 – Sunday, Mar. 18
Shows: Thurs. 8pm, Fri. 8pm & 10:15pm, Sat. 8pm & 10:15pm, Sun. 8pm
8410 Market Place Lane

Hey Paul, next time you want to come over, call first.

Larry Gross

(Photo from


John says:

I’ve seen Paul on the tube and he’s funny. I’ll be heading out to Montgomery this weekend to catch his act.

Matt says:

How dare he make fun of our chili!!

hard as nails says:

Chase the booze with some crack. It’ll extend your binge for days!

larry gave up crack weeks ago.

Darlene says:

What? No anti-cincinnati questions? You’re slipping.

Jackie says:

I enjoyed this. A change of pace!

Judy says:

How much are tickets?

Marilyn says:

Thanks for the education! Anyone who writes for the Daily Show is alright by me.

Pssst: Larry, is that yer hair sticking up in the bottom left of the photo?

Tina says:


Jerry says:

I saw this guy’s act in New York a couple years ago. He’s fucking funny. I’ll be heading east this weekend to catch his show.

janet says:

he’s funny. go. pay your bread. enjoy.

Teri Archer says:

I’m going Saturday!

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