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{March 16, 2007}   People, Places and Things: Happenings in The Queen City



• Nine out of ten people forgot to move their clocks forward last Sunday – have been arriving at work late all week.


• WLW’s Jim Scott will soon announce that a new contract has been signed with the station. It’s a 20 year deal which will keep him on the air way pass this 100th birthday.


• Monday will be “Quiet Day” in downtown Cincinnati. Around one in the afternoon, many will close their eyes to hear active urban life in Northern Kentucky.


• The Cincinnati Reds have apparently changed their minds about the smoking ban at Great American Ballpark. You will not be allowed to bring cigarettes into the ballpark, but can purchase them inside at $15 a pack


• Many homeless people are now enjoying the new Fountain Square Garage. With all its many water leaks, it’s the perfect place to take a shower.


• Tuesday, March 20 will be “Bring Your Cat to Work Day.” Cats are to roam free throughout downtown offices from nine to five with litter boxes provided by CiN Weekly.

Judy Darling,
LOL Blog Reporter

(Photo of Jim Scott from WLW Radio. Photo of Fountain Square Garage from the Cincinnati Beacon. Remaining photos from I know giving photo credits is silly but my editor makes me to it)


Dana says:

I was beginning to wonder when somebody here was gonna take on Jim Scott.

Just like Jerry Thomas, don’t you think it’s time for him to hang it up?

hard as nails says:

Nine out of ten people forgot to move their clocks forward last Sunday – have been arriving at work late all week.

does anyone really know what time it is?

Karen says:

Judy Darling rules!! 🙂

Therasa says:

Speaking of bring your cat to work day………..when are we going to see Puff Ball again?

Vickie says:

I remember Jim Scott when he played rock & roll music on wsai. If he could get back to playing music, I think he would be cool again. He’s stuck on WLW and all that talk.

Barbara says:

Yet more Cincinnati putdowns. You’re getting old.

Susan says:

Jim Scott is the guy I listen to every weekday morning. Sorry he’s not “hip” enough for you negative people over here.

Wanda says:

This was funny and yeah –let’s get another post from Puff-Ball.

Butch the Cat says:

Yeah – bring on Puffball.

Rita says:

I like Jim Scott; he hosted a Mental Health Family Care luncheon one time many years ago. He was very kind; he made it a point to meet and greet all the Family Care Operators – very cool guy.

Jeff says:

No doubt,Jim Scott is a nice guy. I just can’t stand the radio station he’s on.

TNT says:

but can purchase them inside at $15 a pack

…you know, this wouldn’t surprise me a bit if it happened. the reds are good at customer ripoffs.

Jill says:

I went back and reread Puff Ball’s “time journal.” It was pretty cute. It’s time for a part two!

Marilyn says:

Vickie, you must be as old as I am to remember Jim Scott on WSAI. AM, no less! Those were some good times and good music.

Jim Stanton says:

I guess I’m old too. I remember a television show he hosted on WCPO for awhile called “Fresh Faces,” a show featuring local music talent in the area.

Ruth says:

I start my day with Jim Scott every weekday morning, and as soon as his show is over, I quickly turn the dial to another station.

Like others, I wish he was on another radio station.

Wanda says:


Jim Scott hosted PM Magazine for awhile too.


it’s CiN WEAKly–please spell it correctly!

bring back puffball!




jackula says:

the reds wouldn’t be charging $15 for a pack of smokes, it would be more like a twenty dollar bill.

Karen @ the hood says:

Maybe at $15 a pack, Larry would stop smoking!

You all have a good weekend!!!

Billy says:

DON’T BE MAKING FUN OF JIM SCOTT. He’s a really nice guy.

Marilyn says:

Karen @ the hood: Cigs already cost an arm and a leg, and most of the cost is “sin tax”. Crazy stuff.

I think if they want to impose exhorbitant taxes as “sin taxes” then Twinkies and chips and soda ought to be taxed as well. They are luxuries, not necessities. Ah, you got me started!

Nick says:

Shit, Twinkies are worst than cigs. $25 for that twinkie!

David Gallaher says:

Now that Karen@thehood has you “started,” we want to keep you “going.”
If cigs cost an arm and a leg, have you begun planning to sacrifice your arm for your next supply?
Forgive me.
RE Jim Scott,
I listen to him because his station is the only one I can get down here in the ‘hood with its netting of overhead wires.
Is his real name German? Because his mentality is so typical of this city: “dumb deutsch” through and through.
His real name is probably Schott (no relation).

tilly says:

jim scott: white toast in the morning. not for me.

Marilyn says:

Dang, David G. You are right! Decisions, decisions. Although one would think that the loss of the leg oughta supply me in cigs for life.

Tim says:

“Is his real name German? Because his mentality is so typical of this city.”

Right on, David!

David Gallaher says:

Marilyn, Tim, et al,
See this spam e-mail I just opened on my Web Mail. Best I can make out it’s a pro-smoking organization that I am 100 percent in favor of even though I don’t smoke. Evidently my reputation has spread all the way to Germany. (The Deutsch over there are not as dumb as they are here in Sinincincinnati.)

Verein Pro-Rauchen Deutsche Hecke e.V.,
eingetragen im Vereinsregister des Amtsgerichtes Flensburg unter der Nummer: 2 VR 2043

Liebe Raucher, liebe Raucherinnen,

mögen Sie auch gern Tabak? Gibt es für Sie nichts schöneres, als gemütlich eine Zigarette zu rauchen? Haben Sie es auch satt, von Politik und Nichtrauchern an den Pranger gestellt zu werden? Wir müssen uns nicht alles gefallen lassen. Jeder hat das Recht auf freie Meinungsäußerung und Ausübung seiner Hobbys und Vorlieben, solange diese nicht illegal sind.

Marilyn says:

David, that looks like Greek to me!

Wiener Schnitzel!

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