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{March 17, 2007}   Cincinnati Photo of the Week


Name: Doris and her husband Slim.


Address: Mt. Adams


Religion: For Doris, food. For Slim, he’s godless.


Favorite Television Show: For Doris, “Fat Actress.” Slim doesn’t watch television – talks to himself on a regular basis.


Favorite Time to have Sex: For Doris, right after dinner. For Slim, after he shoots himself in the head.

Tom Anus



Man of the Hour says:

I would rather be dead than to be slim.

hard as nails says:

love is so touching.

Nancy says:

Well, the new “thing” here is go make fun of fat people apparently. It’s a big old turn off to me.

Karen says:


Pete says:

You could do a slideshow on that woman’s ass!

Billie says:

Where’s the humor here? If you’re going to be featuring “Doris” on a regular basis, then I’m not going to be visiting here. Making fun of overweight people is cruel.

Rita says:

If it hadn’t been for the little tiny arms at the top, I thought perhaps of instead of “sex”, it was actually Slim’s breeched birth.

Jackie says:

You really got me laughing here. That was funny!

Julie says:

There is humor here and I hope Doris returns on a regular basis. We are so fat as a society, as a people, it’s sickening. It’s gross. Bring Doris back time and time again and put this in our faces. Let’s consider Doris a wake up call to what we shouldn’t be.

Harvey says:

They can’t be having sex, Doris has her panties on. Are they just making out? And why do I even care?

Deana says:


Jeff says:

I don’t get up to Mt. Adams much. That won’t be changing anytime soon.

tommy says:

to be nice, doris has nice cheeks.

Marilyn says:

From Tom Anus: “Religion: For Doris, food. For Slim, he’s godless.”

Well duh! Who could believe in a God that would place Slim in this position?

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