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{March 17, 2007}   Fred & Barney – Greg & Larry


There’s no truth to the rumor that Greg Flannery and Larry Gross are the modern day Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble, but they do have one thing in common with the Bedrock guys.

Take a look at this old television commercial and try to imagine this being on the air today. No way!

Enjoy your weekend.

Larry Gross

(Picture of Fred and Barney — or is that Greg and Larry — from


Wally says:

The clip was a riot!

Suzy says:

Why do you all here push the smoking stuff so much? It’s bad for you – don’t you know that?

hard as nails says:

winston tastes good like a cigarette should.

Rita says:

I guess we should look at the statistics to see if children born when the cartoon was made whose parents named them Fred or Barney had a higher rate of smoking and later died of lung cancer. A nice weekend project. I’ll get right on it.

Barbara says:

Yes, seeing cartoon characters smoking is always side-splitting.

Julie says:

Fred Flintstone dies of lung cancer. Details at eleven.

CA says:

Funny you bring up Fred and Barney. Will someone PLEASE tell me the name of that damn martian that was on the Flintstone’s…I’ve been trying to think of that creature’s name for days. And while you’re at it…what was the name of the helmet-head martian on Bugs Bunny?

Rita says:

The damn Martian’s name on the Flintstones was Gazoo. The name of the helmet head martian on Bugs was Marvin the Martian. Google is a great gift.

C.A. says:

I was refusing to google… I was trying to remember on my own. But alas, you have solved the mystery. Gazoo….of course. Marvin the Martian I never would’ve gotten that one.

Rita says:

I would have remembered Gazoo but Marvin the Martian – no way.

Marilyn says:

Hmmm, I always thought of Greg and Larry as Homer and Bart, but whatever.

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