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{March 19, 2007}   Monday’s Lunch


• 345 White Castles
• 215 White Castles with cheese
• 3 with no onions
• 342 orders of fries
• 150 onion chips
• 4 dozen jelly donuts
• 100 fish sandwiches
• 50 chicken sandwiches
• 1 Diet Mountain Dew

Doris and Friends

(Photo of Doris and her friends found on the old google)


Kim says:

I am laughing so fucking hard right now.

Matt says:

Club name: “Letting Ourselves Go.”

Heather says:

My first thought: “Does Larry have a fat fetish?”

My second thought: “Damn! There’s the one place on earth I might be comfortable in a bikini! I’d look positively skinny.”

Jackie says:

I should no better than to come here on Monday afternoons. So often the lunch posts gross me out. This one certainly did G R O S S.

Polo Stick says:


I’m assuming the blonde is Doris? I like how the one on the left is touching Doris’ heavenly body.

Marilyn says:

From Heather: My first thought: “Does Larry have a fat fetish?”

Hmmm, either that or a phat phobia!!

Kathy Patter says:

Made me toss my cookies much? Disgustng much? Next time give us a little warning.

hard as nails says:

i’m assuming the redhead on the right ordered the diet dew.

Susan says:

“Does Larry have a fat fetish?”

No. He just has a twisted mind as to what he thinks is funny.

Jill says:

What strikes me as being funny is there tiny, little feet.

Chuck says:

After eating all that crap, let’s hope the girls don’t all work in the same office. Can you imagine the gas?

Rita says:

Why are there so many posts recently with obese women? Why not obese men? Oh, let me see – perhaps it’s because we think we can determine a woman’s value by her weight – but men, fuck no – society can just be elated that men exist and bathe on a regular basis. If you are going to be discriminatory and hurtful, why don’t you just go for the gusto and hurt both sexes. Or perhaps better yet, ask yourself why does it make you feel better about yourself to make fun of and emotionally devastate overweight people or for that matter anyone.

I understand many can find humor and snicker when they see someone obese. I am not one of those persons. I have been overweight when I was young – not to the above extent. But once overweight, emotionally always overweight.

One comment, one diverted look equals emotional abuse and scars. It shouldn’t be that way, but we are taught from birth to be accepted.

I have friends who could eat a side of beef and not gain an ounce. I was on Diet Workshop diligently for months and training 1 1/2 to 2 hours daily in a non-air conditioned building and still gain 1/4 of a pound when I weighed in.

I have worked with anorexics who were so fixated on weight that they almost died. They looked like concentration survivors. All because society can not value a person for being truly who they are but what they look like.

I don’t really care if anyone believes I am being a bitch and don’t have a sense of humor. I have a good sense of humor but not to the expense of others.

Marilyn says:

Rita said, “I have friends who could eat a side of beef and not gain an ounce.”

Dear constant readers, unfortunately I (as a long-time friend of Rita) never fell into that category.

But her point is well-made; why only fat women? This is an issue I’ve struggled with for a long time. You see in movies and television, really fat men (John Candy, Kevin James, to name only two)and their wives or girlfriends are always trim and attractive — in REAL LIFE as well as in studio life. Weird society, huh?

And an additional aside: Rita was indeed somewhat overweight into her early college years. She has since trimmed down to a very impressive, rather petite stature and she diligently works out in Karate (and has for years — she is a something-degree black belt).

Larry Gross says:

“Why are there so many posts recently with obese women? Why not obese men?”

Lay this at my doorstep, Rita. You made a good point about not showing obese men – or I should say we don’t show enough of them. I’ll change that.

The point we are trying to make here, perhaps not in a really nice way, is that we are a fat society. It is something that really bugs me. I see fat all around me. I see it on the bus, I see it at doctor appointments (people who have diabetes who are extremely overweight), I see it in little kids – I see it everywhere, people stuffing their faces with sugar.

By means of satire, I’m trying really hard to point this out, to show people how they look and what they are doing to themselves. Also, again in maybe not a nice way, I’m trying to point out that children are going hungry in this world. Here we are over here being fat and wasteful.

No, you’re not being a bitch, you’re just stating your case. I appreciate it. Maybe writing this will help you understand where I’m coming from.

Now, I just find some fat photos of men.


i just want to know where they foudn bathing suits that big and why if everyone is so fat i can’t find a size small in almost anything at any store. do they only put out 2 smalls of everything? or are there women out there wearing my sundresses and bathing suits on one thigh?

Bill says:

Here we go, the girls getting all serious here. Even Larry’s joining in.

Uptight people: relax.

Jill says:

I hear ya, Foxy. I got the same problem. This summer I think I’ll just go around naked.

hard as nails says:

how do you find the wet spot?

Rita says:

“By means of satire, I’m trying really hard to point this out, to show people how they look and what they are doing to themselves.” I appreciate your intent. It’s just – there are some that are happy with themselves and that’s fine. However, there are others that who use food for medications and and not deal with the unhappiness in their lives. They know they are overweight by every giggle/laugh when they enter a room, every commercial on television/radio.

To change behavior, you must look within yourself, find insight, and make change. An easy prescription – that must be why we have such near perfect people in our society.

The universal truth is treating people as you would like to be treated. I know I do not live up to that 100% but it is my intent to do my best.

I haven’t been a “girl” since I was eighteen. And I am relaxed.

Larry Gross says:

“The universal truth is treating people as you would like to be treated.”

Ask any friend of mine and they will tell you these words are what I live my life by – but I’m also a writer and now a blogger. Is that the same thing? I don’t know yet.

Part of my job here is to offend and to shock and to sometimes get people upset. If I get one overweight person pissed off enough at me, maybe that person will take a good hard look in the mirror. Am I wasting my time? I don’t know that either.

Julie says:

When “Doris” was first introduced, I saw the point immediately. The post was called “I Don’t Care,” and it was clear this was about a character who had given up on herself and was eating her life away. It was meant to be a wake up call to some people.

Was it mean spirited? Yes. Was it funny? In a sad kind of way, but sometimes it takes a heavy blow to the head to get people’s attention. It was one of the best posts ever written here.

Man of the Hour says:

Whatever Rita. Whatever Julie. Whatever Larry. Larry, what the hell you doing?

You chicks get so uptight here sometimes. The post was funny, just look at it that way. CHILL. OUT.

Rita says:


Words and images have power – good and bad.

I understand what you are saying. If you put it in people’s faces about their weight they will change. If it was that easy, that would be great. I just doubt it. I would prefer to hope you are right and I am wrong.

You know my smoking stance and I’m not directing this to you or anyone on this site. After my dad died of lung cancer from his Camel habit, I would walk up to stangers in the street and give them my thoughts on smoking. (I did stop this after a few months.) Did anyone say “Oh – wow – why didn’t anyone tell me that before. I think I’ll stop now. Thank you crazy woman.Now get the hell out of my face before I call security.”? No. (They really didn’t say anything – I think they may have been a little alarmed.) If I could eliminate smoking by pissing people off I would have a car with a loud speaker driving thu all neighborhoods. It just doesn’t work that way. People make choices and sometimes people are addicted – drugs, alcohol, food, cigarettes, relationships, combination of all of the above. We’re just people.

Gus_J says:

I’m not offended by pictures of overweight or obese people. In the same way I’m not offended by naked people. Women or men. It’s a human body which in my opinion is a soul container. I am kind of bothered by the logic (or lack thereof) in the posts backing the images. I come here often because I find this blog to be entertaining, witty, and sometimes informative. These posts don’t have any of those attributes. The ladies pictured above have probably tried everything possible to lose weight. When you get to that point, it’s almost impossible to reverse the situation. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, Obesity attributed death is between 280,000 and 325,000 yearly. It’s hard to calculate because of variables like tobacco use. The AMA’s lowball estimate on tobacco smoking deaths is 400,000 yearly. Drinking and smoking has a cathartic affect on your body and attributes to death from other illnesses not calculated. If this blog somehow turned into being a moral compass issuing a wake up call for leading a healthy life, I expect I won’t hear as much advocacy of smokin’ cig’s and drinkin’

As a side note: Weight and body type is largely defined by genetic predisposition. This is fact. My opinion is that all of the processed crap we eat instead of what is natural has varied effects on different people. I’ve yet to meet an overweight vegetarian.

What happened to keeping it light around here anyway?

Enough with the fat jokes brother, we all did high school already.

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