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{March 19, 2007}   Not in the Mood


I’m not in the mood to do my dishes or go anywhere so I’m going to continue to organize my closets and purge my basement of things I hate (i.e. stuff my dad and sons put down there) mostly just little bits of wires, nuts and bolts, metal things I don’t know what they are for or go to, garbage in my eyes. I hate stuff like that.

You should see my garage. It’s loaded to the top. I went to put one of my old strollers inside and can’t even open the door.

One day, I will have clean, organized, feng shui-like, sparse, living space. I hope it won’t be my coffin.

Sometimes, things turn out the best when you aren’t in the mood to do them.

See ya.

Candy Apple

(Photo of Candy’s mess from


Jim Stanton says:

Top on my list for spring cleaning: My garage. It looks even worse than yours!

Beth says:

My mother says my closets look like a bomb has gone off. I prefer to think of it as an organized mess 🙂

hard as nails says:

this looks like my living room.

Harry says:

You think this is a mess? It’s nothing compared to mine!

Barbara says:

I don’t understand you people who can live like his. If my basement, closet – whatever – looked like this, I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night.

Rita says:

AAAAhhhhh! This is what I’m doing this week for vacation. I am starting with painting two rooms of my house (at least that’s the intent). So far I have been on the phone for at least an hour with my friends including Marilyn on how the hell do you get border off the wall that apparently has be “gorilla glued” to the wall.

The final solution – paint over it and but new border.

This isn’t going to be pretty.

C.A. says:

Sorry, Candy, I can’t relate. I am a hyperorganized individual. However, I do like candy apples. Yum.

Randell says:

You messy people drive me crazy.

Marilyn says:

I could have a basement or garage that looks like this; as long as I never had to go in there.

I keep my living space nicely mucked out though.

Phil says:

Probably Hard as Nails was kidding when he said his living room looked like the photo used, but I got a buddy who has NO organization to him at all. His apartment is a COMPLETE wreck.

Tangy says:

To each his own. I have more important things to do than keep my shit straight.

Matt says:

Candy, if you need help clearing this up out, please HESITATE to call me.

Marilyn says:

Phil, I hear ya! I have a guy friend whose apartment is so awful, that he has to take a day off work to clear out crap before maintenance can even come in to change the furnace filters! It’s actually scary!

Larry Gross says:

Who told you?

Babble On says:

You’re a goof ball.

Marilyn says:

😉 Larry, I wasn’t gonna mention any names.

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