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{March 20, 2007}   Is This Man a Hero?


This guy you’re looking at – at the top of the post, Pete Rose, is he a hero in your eyes?

Rose was in town last week for the opening of an exhibit at the Reds Hall of Fame at Great American Ballpark that highlights his accomplishments on the field. I can’t take that away from him. I was a Rose fan just like everybody else in this town.

But he bet on baseball. While in Cincinnati, he talked to reporters about it and stated he bet on The Cincinnati Reds every night while he was managing them.

Well, at least he’s finally being honest. Finally is the keyword here. His approach to honesty started in early 2004. Click here to read a column I wrote about him at that time.

What do you think of this man? Does he belong in the Baseball Hall of Fame? Is he a guy who had (or still has) a real gambling problem or is he just an asshole who continues to play this town like a fiddle?

Larry Gross

(Photo of Pete Rose from Sports Illustrated)


Jim Stanton says:

On the baseball field, Rose was a hero, one of the best players of our time. Isn’t that what the Baseball Hall of Fame is all about? It’s not about what he has done in his personal life.

Polly says:

After years of lies, why should we forgive and forget? No Hall of fame for Rose. His lies prove he doesn’t deserve it.

Matt says:

Of course he belongs in the hall of fame. He was honest on the field where it counts. Can a guy like Barry Bonds say the same?

Jake says:

Pete Rose was a baseball player’s baseball player. He took the game seriously and WANTED to win. He is baseball. To be denied the Hall of fame because he made some personal mistakes is plain bullshit. Was Babe Ruth a saint? Of course not.

hard as nails says:

with hair like that, yes, he needs to be in some kind of fame.

Randell says:

Pete Rose is a jerk.

Ted says:

I don’t think anyone would accuse Pete as being a hero in his everyday life, but on the ballfield? There was no player better. As far as the hall of fame, he got the shaft big time.

Rita says:

Incredible skill in baseball – no doubt. He and Bench. A good old boy.

Character – very flawed. Lies. Self centered. Ego. Money, Money, Money.

Too bad he couldn’t combine the two. He serves as a role model. He does this poorly.

Hall of Fame. Even if he makes it in, it is just an award, not what he truly is.

Charlie says:

No doubt about it — pete rose belongs in the hall of fame. He’s no worst than any of the rest of them.

Babble On says:

Everybody loves Pete Rose. No wait,no they don’t.

The asshole is full of himself.

David says:

I could care less about his personal life or his gambling or anything else. When he was on the field, he gave it a hundred percent.

No hall of fame for Pete? That’s bullshit.

Tate says:

I HATE Pete Rose.

C.A. says:

I sort of have a soft spot for him, but I don’t really follow the Reds. I’m too busy keeping up with my Bengals boyfriend Tory James.

Ed says:

It doesn’t matter his behavior off the field. The Hall of Fame is about baseball – not his fucking personal life.

Brian says:

I don’t see what Pete’s betting problem has to do with what he did on the field. He is a great baseball player – not a saint – but one of the great players of all time. Maybe he’ll never get into the hall of fame, but it’s good to see him being honored here.

C.A. says:

He sort of reminds me of Robert DeNiro in Cape Fear in this picture.

D.K. says:

When he came out in 2004 and admitted he had bet on baseball – then had a book deal to promote it – that was the end of him for me. To lie all those years and then try to make money on it by telling the truth, is such low class.

Bruce says:

Pete Rose is the man. To not have him in the hall of fame is a disgrace to baseball. His personal life was his own business.


Let him in the hall of fame. he was a great baseball player.

A hero? no. but people shouldn’t look to celebrities, entertainers, atheletes, etc., to be their heros, anyway. they invariably let you down. why? cos they’re human.

the man screwed up, royally. i give him more credit for denying it. celebrities today f*ck up, go to rehab, and then do the apology world tour–you think that’s any more sincere?

puff-on-it says:

outside of our fucking sausage, what else do we in cincy have to be “proud” of? pete rose is the big sausage that made good.

Mac says:

Yes, let him in to the hall of fame. He was a mistake, but at least he always bet on his own team. And really, isn’t that beside the point. On the field, he wanted to win and gave it everything he had all the time. He is the perfect example as to how to play the game.

Janey says:

P E T E R O S E R O C K S ! ! ! !

Robert says:

–or is he just an asshole who continues to play this town like a fiddle?–

Pete Rose has no love for this city. If he did, he would still be living here.

Hall of Fame: I could care less.

Sammy says:

Who the hell cares? Pete Rose is old news.

Adam says:

Pete Rose was baseball in Cincinnati and it hasn’t been the same since he left.

Yes, the Hall of Fame needs to happen. Baseball’s best player should be honored.

Barbara says:

I can tell from reading your original column that you don’t think much of Pete Rose. That’s no surprise. You like nothing at all about Cincinnati.

jackula says:

probably not a nice guy, probably a lousy husband, probably a lousy father, probably stupid when it came to his betting on baseball, no doubt a liar about it and just an all around jackass of a person.

but he could play the game better than anyone in recent memory.

the baseball all of fame. they owe it to the asshole.

Tim Graves says:

“the baseball all of fame. they owe it to the asshole.”

No one has ever said it any better than Jackula.

Bitch from Price Hill says:

Pete’s from Price Hill. God knows he ain’t perfect, but our Price Hill boy needs to be in Cooperstown.

Walt says:

All I can tell you is that over here in Western Hills, the guy walks on water. If you don’t like Pete Rose, don’t let the sun set on you over here.

Teddy says:

A dream of mine is to run into Pete at a bar here in town and just go one on one with him talking about baseball. Nothing could be better than that.

Willie says:

Say what you want about Pete Rose, but he never, EVER, cheated his fans. He played every game like it would be his last.

How can this superstar of baseball not be in the Hall of Fame?

Vanessa says:

Who the hell cares? Pete Rose is a jerk.

Lee says:

He’s a cheat and liar in his private life. What he did on the baseball field was simply amazing. When he played, he was the game.

Pete needs to the in the Hall.

Fred says:

Wouldn’t know the truth if it hit him in the face. Not a fan.

Foley says:

We’re talking baseball here. Not life.

I respected the man – for what he did for professional baseball.

Ruth says:

I live on the west side. does that mean I have to like Pete Rose?

I don’t. He was terrible to his family and had no class at all. He didn’t deserve the hall of fame.

yearwood says:

pete is a distant memory. i follow baseball and i’m glad it is going to be back soon, put issues, opinions concerning pete is such old news. who really cares.

Carol says:

Pete Rose? Whatever.

Helen says:

“Did you every know that you were my hero?”


Marilyn says:

Hey look Rita! Larry put a fat guy on the blog!

Rita says:

Great first step Larry. Thanks for not making him ‘naked’ or in a thong.

Taco says:

You morons… He bet on baseball while on the job. This wasn’t a personal mistake, he did this while at work. It is like surfing porn on the job… You get fired!

No hall for Pete! Case closed.

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