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{March 21, 2007}   Dear Thief

laundry.gifI got up early Sunday morning and thought I would get caught up on my laundry. I filled up my laundry basket with dirty clothes, found my roll of quarters, grabbed the detergent and headed on down to the laundry room.

I loaded up a washer, put four quarters into the machine, then headed back upstairs to fill up my laundry basket again for a second load.

I made a mistake. I left that roll of quarters in the laundry room next to the detergent. When I returned, the detergent was still there, but the roll of quarters was gone.

I’ll say one thing: You were quick. I don’t think I was gone any longer than five minutes.

Enjoy the quarters, asshole.

Teri Archer



Polly says:

I have no idea what part of town you live in, but this happens everywhere.

hard as nails says:

i needed quarters for the bus.

Matt says:

Believe it or not I can top this. A couple years ago, I left the laundry room in my building for about half an hour – had my detergent, quarters AND clothes stolen.

Butch the Cat says:

Thanks for the quarters. Had to score some great catnip.

C.A. says:

jesus, i hate doing laundry. esp when you have to haul the shit down the street to your car, b/c your parking space is two streets over. and what’s up with the “tan while you wash?” when i’m washing, i just wanna get it done, not get a UV treatment. Maybe they should just make the driers have bulbs, and we can just throw ourselves in there with the clothes, spin and get tan and get do it all at once. That’d be better. In Seattle, there are rock and roll laundry bars like Sudsys all over…it’s fun. Problem was, I’d always end up w/ 1/2 the clothes I started with.

Dan says:

Leaving money laying around, even quarters, is what you call asking for it.

Matt says:

No doubt about it, people are dishonest. Reminds me of that woman that took a $100 advance from her company and didn’t pay it back…wait that was you. You’re still ahead $90 -why complain. Karma’s a bitch.

Karen says:

Reminds me of that woman that took a $100 advance from her company and didn’t pay it back…wait that was you.


Man of the Hour says:

Well, at least this post isn’t about having sex in the dryer.

Del says:

Tempation is just too great for some people.

Ned says:

Live and learn, Teri. I never leave any kind of money laying around.

Ruth says:

I truly believe money is the root of all evil. It’s pretty low class for somebody to steal a roll of quarters but I’m not surprised at all.

Matt says:

Money isn’t the root of all evil, the LOVE of money is the root of all evil- if you buy into the biblical chatter. Money’s just a thing.

Marilyn says:

Teri (whoever you are!), You simply cannot leave anything lying around for any reason.

I had a friend who left her purse in her car while dropping off her kid at daycare. Unfortunately, she’d left the car doors unlooked (?!) and when she came back, her purse and the $300 in it were gone. Someone hit the jackpot that day!

Matt, yep, it is the LOVE of money. I’m glad money is just a minor tool for me, since I’ve never had an overabundance.

Babble On says:

You dislike cats, don’t like smokers, leave money laying around, drink like a fish and fuck anyone who has a working penis.

Have I got any of this wrong?

You’re a mess.

Missy says:

You share everything with us, don’t you?

I wish you wouldn’t.

David Gallaher says:

Over on the Cincinnati Beacon there is a rumor that “gentrifiers” are trying to force laundromats out of business down here in order to help speed gentrification.
The two Wishy-Washys just up the street from us here seem to be doing fine. But I was wondering if anyone had heard anything?

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