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{March 21, 2007}   Making Her Look Bad


She does a pretty good job of it herself, but I need a second post today. Why not put up this little clip of Ann Coulter letting the world know she doesn’t know her war history very well?


Larry Gross

(Photo of Ann from


Jackie says:

Ann Coulter is stupid. No shock there.

Polly says:

This made my afternoon. I love how the guy put Coulter on the spot. I loved the look on her face.

hard as nails says:

nice shot. ann never looked better.

Betty says:

I hope Ann Coulter posts don’t become a habit here. I get enough of her on the cable news channels. I can only hate here so many hours in the day.

Man of the Hour says:

Ann: So hot?

So not.

Pete says:

This is a pretty old clip, but for those who don’t keep track of this bitch on a regular basis, it’s worth a view.

kate says:

God!!! This picture was worst than Doris!

Matt says:

The photo doesn’t do her justice. She’s much more ugly.

Becky says:

Truly a scary piece of work indeed. a scary bitch is more like it.

Rhonda says:

As Pete says, this is a fairly old clip of Coulter who once again makes an ass out of herself, but it doesn’t seem to matter does it? She still makes millions of dollars spreading her hate.

Marilyn says:

Re the photo of Demon Coulter from… Finally, her outside matches her inside.

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