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{March 22, 2007}   Cincinnati Photo of the Week


I meet this girl at a Cincinnati bar last week – did what the t-shirt said.

Spent two nights in jail.

Don’t always follow instructions.

Tom Anus

(Mr. Anus was too hammered to remember which Cincinnati bar he was in when this photo was shot, but to satisfy the editors, we’ll just say we found it on google)


Phil says:

Who do these belong too? LOL Girl?

Mike F. says:

Two tits. Two nights in jail. Seems fair.

Barbara says:

You had a pretty good post going today, so why not destroy it with this?

Marilyn says:

Whoo Hoo! Of course she wants them to be touched — must’ve cost her a fortune.

Nick says:

What bar was this taken in?

tommy says:

why would you want to touch rubber? fake is a turn off.

Ted says:

I think some men do have some class. If I saw a girl wearing this in a bar, I would stay clear. It smacks of being a Hillbilly or something. Who needs that?

hard as nails says:

i think this is teri archer, but i could be wrong.

Kathy Patter says:

Slut much?

Marilyn says:

Hmmmm, I’ve never touched artificially enhanced boobs, but if they are as rigid as my arty leg, then they’d not be very cuddly.

Kevin says:

I’ve never touched artificially enhanced boobs,

I admit I have, but totally by accident. Her breasts weren’t all that big, but I never felt anything so hard. It was a turn off.

Polo Stick says:

Breasts are breasts. The bigger the better.

Stan says:

The tits are definitely fake in the photo.

Karen @ the hood says:

LOL! I’d fall over!!!

Theresa says:

Must we use the word “tits” here? It’s very unbecoming to women.

Marilyn says:


Jackie says:

Theresa, women say tits, I say tits, they are TITS!

Marilyn says:

Kevin, how’d ya accidentally touch fake breast-eses?!

Natasha says:

They’re real and they’re spectacular!

Rita says:

Damn. You could hang Christmas ornaments on those breast-eses…..

Gus_J says:

Everybody loves boobs!

Brian the 1st says:

I agree, boobs is the much more fitting word. Soft, round sound and 2 o’s in the middle – Boobs: they ARE all that.

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