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{March 24, 2007}   “Looking Around”


Tracy Walker has been making solid music in this town for awhile now. She writes all of her own songs and her albums are wonderful – but do yourself a favor next time she plays here: Go listen to her live. There isn’t any singer on this earth any better.

Go to her web site to find out the latest “Tracy news.”

Here’s a video clip I’ve found of her singing the beautiful song “Looking Around.”

Larry Gross



Janet says:

Nice clip. I’ve always liked Tracy.

Chuck says:

What? No Dixie Chicks video? Just kidding.

Enjoyed the video.

Jill says:

This is nice, but you should have put up the recent one with her and Jake Speed. It’s really good.

Karen says:

I liked it 🙂

Tammy says:

Tracy has long been a favorite of mine. Thanks for putting this up today.

C.A. says:

I dig her too. Very real stuff. And a pretty lady w/ soul.

Jack says:

Tray’s cool. I get out to see her whenever she’s playing here. She’s got class and soul.

Joy says:

In my view, this is the woman with the big talent who gets too over looked in this town. She’s a gem.

Brian says:

It’s about time you did this! Tracy’s great.

Babble On says:

Ladies and gentlemen, this sister has soul and a voice that’s clear. Her words always ring true. I got both her cd’s – what a great talent here.

What took this blog so long to catch on to that?

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