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{March 25, 2007}   Large. Firm. Large.

lol-girl-_101.jpgI had never been with a black man before. I don’t know why, maybe the opportunity never presented itself.

He was at the bar when I came in late. I couldn’t sleep – kept tossing and turning in my bed. I live in downtown Cincinnati. Madonna’s is only a few blocks down from me. Maybe a few gin & tonics would help me sleep. That was my thinking.

Maybe he noticed I wasn’t wearing underwear. What for? It was just a quick drink.

He walked up to me.

He was black. All muscle. He had to be at least 7 feet tall. When his hand started rubbing my back, I felt a chill. I felt turned on.

I asked him if he was the real deal. He kissed me on the lips lightly. I had yet to hear him speak.

I paid the bar tab. I took his hand and we talked the two blocks back to my apartment.

In my bedroom, we both stripped. In my bed, I laid on my back. In the darkness I looked at his penis. Large. Firm. Large.

Between my legs, he pounded me – pounded me like I had never been before. I had an orgasm. I was satisfied, but he wasn’t done. I had another orgasm – then another – and then he was ready to have his own release.

He kissed me lightly on the lips. We were both exhausted and sweaty. We fell asleep.

He never spoke a word.

When I woke up the next morning, he was gone.

LOL Girl

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Polly says:

You’re approaching porn with this one. Not very likeable.

Rhonda says:

The S L U T is back.

hard as nails says:

nice rear-end, must say.

Sonie says:

So he pounded you over and over again without saying a word? I wouldn’t like that. I like communication during sex.

Sally G. says:

Pure made-up crap.

Matt says:

Maybe he noticed I wasn’t wearing underwear. What for? It was just a quick drink.

……if you go into a bar not wearing underwear, yeah, guys are gonna notice it. I think both you and your guy got exactly what you were looking for.

Barbara says:

Just another trashy Sunday with the LOL girl.

Tess says:

Well at least this time we had a bit of a story from the LOL girl. Most of the time its the “look at my hot stuff” report.

Butch says:

The LOL Girl: Equal Opportunity Screwer.

Jackie says:

Yeah, there is a bit of a story here. LOL girl turns literate!

Karen @ the hood says:

Kind of funny!!

Kathy Patter says:

Whore much?

Phillip says:

LOL Girl,
Tell me, have you lost track of how many men you have been with? I bet you have.

Polo Stick says:

Hey! You don’t have to be black to have staying power. Try me next time. I’ll wear you out.

Patty says:

It becomes harder and harder here to determine what is real here and what is made up, but with lol girl posts, its pretty simple: its all a big lie.

LOL Girl says:

“Tell me, have you lost track of how many men you have been with? I bet you have.”

I bet I haven’t 🙂

Kasty says:

I can’t get enough of this kind of trash – good trash. This is the best LOL girl story ever!

Becky says:

I like this blog just fine but this LOL girl crap is just that —-crap.

Erin says:

You’re so sexually free – a true free spirit 🙂

Eileen says:

I think you’re probably made up, but if you’re not, I’m surprised that you haven’t slept with a black man before. I truly consider myself color blind when it comes to the races but my boyfriend and soon to be husband is black. In Cincinnati, people will stare at us when we hold hands walking down the street. People here are so backward.

jackula says:

sweetie, your rear end is to die for. wish it was mine.

Tony says:

Baby dump that guy. I’ll talk to you.

Geri says:

Nice day outside, but thought I’d check in here to see what was up. Sorry I did.

Bitch from Price Hill says:

Your gonna be hooked now lol girlie. Your ever go back to a white man now.

Babble On says:

Every photo of you is just about the same – too skinny. Get a bag of cookies or something.

Julie says:

I visit here almost everyday and reading LOL Girl posts is nothing new to me. Most of the time, they’re amusing pieces of light porn that gets a lot of comments. What’s up with today? A decent amount – 20 or so – but not the big numbers she usually gets. I think I know why.

LOL girl has stepped over a line. This post is about sleeping with a black man.

This is sort of a daring thing to do here, don’t you think? Racism is part of our everyday lives here in Cincinnati. Could it be this post is making all those horny guys uncomfortable? Is this post promoting some kind of controversy here on this bright sunny afternoon?

Regardless, I like the change here with the LOL girl character. She’s tken on a whole new edge.

Susan says:

This is something to throw out with the trash.

Matt says:

I’m a regular here new. When I read the post this morning, I have to admit I was a little thrown by it. I didn’t want this LOL Girl character to introduce race into the story.

I don’t know what this says about me. I don’t consider myself a racist but the story made me uncomfortable.

Theresa says:

I don’t consider myself a racist but the story made me uncomfortable.

It didn’t make me uncomfortable, I just didn’t care for the story all that much. I always read her posts for the comments and today there haven’t been that many.

Wally says:

LOL Girl posts are usually puffy soft porn. Today it got a little more serious and for guys – and I’m one of them – it was a bit of a turn off.

You-Know-Who says:

LOL Girl posts always suck. People are finally wising up, that’s all.

Marilyn says:

Wow, I’m surprised at the negative general consensus. LOL girl, this post was your best and I loved it!

Duke says:

With LOL girl posts, guys want to get a hard on. We don’t want to THINK and we certainly don’t want to have race introduced. Too heavy today.

Jay says:

I had never been with a black man before. I don’t know why, maybe the opportunity never presented itself.

This tells us the LOL girl is phony. In her post, you can tell she’s been around. Never had sex with a black man? Yeah, right.

Tim Graves says:

I always enjoy this site, but when it comes to making comments on LOL Girl posts, I don’t. Horny guys usually take over or women complain about the horny guys, so I sit back and read and enjoy the comments. Today has been a little different.

When I first read the post this morning, I thought to myself, what is the editor thinking here? Conservative Cincinnati isn’t going to like this – even those who pretend to be liberal. A white woman being “pounded” by a black man? How is this going to fly here?

The results aren’t totally in yet – but yes, aren’t the comments down considerably. Some here have admitted that the post made them uncomfortable. That’s very telling and for those who can’t admit it, racism is alive and extremely well in Cincinnati, Ohio. White women are not to be with black men.

I don’t know if the editors know it or not, but you sure made a point here today – a point as to how this city thinks. I congratulate you.

Heather says:

I think this post is racist.

Did the “black man” really need to be such a stereotype?

Couldn’t he have been six feet tall with a moderately-sized penis and a speaking part in the story?

Tim says:

Good point. In any other town this post would have been considered racist – but we can’t see that here in Cincinnati. All we see is a black man with a white women. We can’t get pass that.

This isn’t California. This is the Midwest.

Kevin says:

Did you ever stop to think that this was a really nice spring day and a lot of us wanted to be outside? Don’t read more into this than there is.

Billy says:

Whatever, whatever, whatever,

LOL Girl, I just gotta tell ya – I love your tiny ass.

hard as nails says:

I love your tiny ass.

………yes, much better than the ass of doris.

Rita says:

I actually didn’t think one way or another about the man being black. His equipment caught my attention. I was surprised at people feeling this was controversial regarding race and then making it controversial.

I am more concerned that safe sex was obviously not discussed during this “exchange”. Now that is just stupid.

noly says:

her cute ass is what’s on my mind.

Marilyn says:

Why did I like this post? Because it exemplifies the zipless fuck (as originated from Erica Jong’s brain in Fear of Flying). It’s a fantasy, not hard core porn, folks.

Billy Boy says:

With that nice ass of yours, do you do rear entry?

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