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{March 26, 2007}   Monday’s Lunch


• Kitten

George W. Bush

(Photo from


Biscuit says:

I would have never suspected that Bush would eat pussy.

Jeff says:

That ain’t Puff Ball is it?

Janet says:

This is probably about the only kind of pussy George can get!

hard as nails says:

barbecued i’m assuming.

Bill says:

ahhhhhhhhhhhh, finger lickin’ good.

Robin says:

Does this mean that our George is a cat lover?

Barbara says:

I don’t see anything funny about this.

Karen says:

Funny stuff!! 🙂

jake says:

this pic has been floating on the net for months, man.

Karen @ the hood says:

Its new to me – thought it was really funny!

dooly says:

where’s the salt and butter George? Ha!

Rita says:

Bush is a pussy.

Rita says:

I feel sorry for the poor cat. Being that close to Bush should be added to animal abuse.

David Gallaher says:

There’s more than one way to skin a cat, but I guess Texans never heard of any of them. I wonder if he prefers to eat his fish with the scales still on ’em.
BTW, anybody here heard of Schroedinger’s Cat? Is this cat alive or dead?
Maybe Dubya’s trying to illustrate a lesson in quantum physics?

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