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{March 26, 2007}   What’s Happening to Me?

man-in-bar.jpgI’ve been unemployed for weeks now. Ever since I lost my job because of jacking off too much in the corporate restroom, my life has gone downhill.

Job interviews don’t go well, because my mind is always on sex. Even doctor visits become difficult if the doctor examining me has a pair of breasts. Damn my girlfriend. Why did she have to break up with me?

I’ve got plenty of time on my hands these days. I’m sitting at a table in a bar here in Cincinnati, drinking a gin and tonic. The bar is almost empty as it’s early in the afternoon.

The bartender is an old guy who isn’t very friendly. The guy sitting at the bar nursing a beer smiled at me when I came in.

He’s older than me – not a bad looking guy. He has short brown hair and I like his glasses. He’s reading a newspaper and I like that – a man who wants to know what’s going on in the world.

I like his jacket too.

He orders another beer from the bartender, looks over at me and smiles again.

I don’t know why, I’m not gay, but I feel my penis getting hard. Why does this man keep smiling at me? What does he want?

His back is turned to me again and he’s still reading his newspaper. I like the way he takes small sips of his beer. I wish he would stand up so I could get a look at his ass.

My penis is getting harder.

What’s happening to me?


(Jesus, what a screwed up guy. Photo from


Phil says:

Turning over a new leaf, Nate?

J.R. says:

Is that John Gibson from FOX new?

hard as nails says:

if you find yourself singing broadway tunes, then i think you know what’s happening to you.

Perry says:

At least you didn’t go running to the john to jack off.

Jackie says:

You are truly one big mess.

Man of the Hour says:

So now you’re AC – DC. What’s next for you Nate? You’ll probably be down on the farm with Mike Hunt next.

Biscuit says:

How’d you like those pictures of Puff Ball?

Tate says:

You’re a jackass. I’m getting really tired of your stupid stories.

Debbie says:

I can’t get out of my mind this Nate guy screwing John Gibson of FOX news in the ass! Too funny.

Nancy says:

These “Nate” posts get dumber and dumber. Suggestion: kill him off just like you did with Troy.

Marilyn says:

Nate, I believe there is nothing wrong with you!

You are experiencing what I think is possible for each human alive — provided they are not bound by prejudice and ignorance — you can find a person sexy no matter what their gender.

Peter says:

“you can find a person sexy no matter what their gender.”

But John Gibson of Fox News?

Jody says:

I kind of agree with Marilyn. There are many women I know that I find sexy….but don’t tell my boyfriend that.

Marilyn says:

Peter, I have to admit that I haven’t a clue who or how Mr. Gibson of fox news is or looks like!

Notice I didn’t say that we can find EVERY person sexy…

Bill says:

Everybody at FOX news has that one look: Stiff.

Q says:

I must agree with others here – old Nate can go blind for all I care. His run should be over.

Rita says:

Perhaps the old man thought you looked like his dead son Troy.

Matt says:


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