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{March 27, 2007}   On Crack and Lovin’ It


Or maybe the guy was just having a good time at last year’s Taste of Cincinnati. You decide.

Teri Archer


Karen says:

Hey! What happened to the morning post? I was going to make a comment?

Matt says:

Hell yes, the guy is on crack. You see this all the time downtown.

Brenda says:

What’s so funny about watching a crack head? To me, it’s sad.

Harvey says:

What’s the point of putting this up? It’s old.

Brian says:

Actually, I think it’s a woman, and,if that’s the omnipresent scarf wrapped around her head there, that’s Ruby [no relation to Jeff.] And it’s not crack, she’s just one of the poor people downtown who happens to be homeless and not right, through no fault of her own. I know someone who knew her in the past and she said one day Ruby started drifting away and eventually lost her hold on the rest of the real world.
So cut a sistah some slack people, things are not always what they appear to be.

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