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{March 27, 2007}   What is Satire?

satirelounge.jpgIf you thought you had read a morning post here about a large company in town, you weren’t dreaming.

It was a satire piece – lampooning a national corporation that’s been in the headlines lately. None of it was factual, just a big joke taking some shots at it’s former owner who the writer of the piece pretended was still the current owner, because the person is still so well known for being associated with it.

Whatever. We took the post down. Let’s just say it was considered “inappropriate” and I didn’t feel like fighting about it. I try to pick my battles.

What is satire and is it something you want to see here? And while we’re at it, let’s just open up the door to anything else you like or don’t like here.

I’m not asking you to be nice, but I’m asking you to be honest.

Larry Gross



Karen says:

All right. Good. I thought I did see a new post here this morning.

I like the Judy Darling reports and it is very clear that it is all made up. I’m surprised you would cancel the one from this morning. I was all a joke!

The mix is what’s good here. It is seldom boring 🙂

Ted says:

You removed a post? What the f—? You don’t have balls either?

Jerry says:

Most of the time I like this site when I visit but if you write one more story about a restaurant closing downtown I will have to kill you.

Barbara says:

The Marilyn stories is the only reason I come here. You’re too all over the place and a lot of it is not good.

Nora says:

Satire is meant to be funny. Yours never is.

Roger says:

Is one suppose to like every post that’s written on any given blog? I don’t but I usually come here and to other favorites to see what’s up. I’m a fan of LOL Girl, I like the Judy Darling stuff and yeah, even that puff-ball piece made me smile.

I’m glad Troy is dead and I wish the same for Nate. I consider most of your you tube videos “filler.” Why put something up?

But I come back time and time again. I think your batting average is decent.

Jackie says:

is it something you want to see here?

YES!! I read the post this morning and thought it was a scream. I knew it wasn’t a real story.

Judy Darling must stay on the job!

Mike says:

I realize that you and Brian Griffin are like night and day, but at least both of you seem concerned about your blogs and ask for advise and suggestions. Brian did this on his blog awhile back.

I like most of the posts that you write and Marilyn is a favorite. I think Candy is cute and I like the Monday lunch posts. Question: Has Teri Archer fell off the deep end? I think she is turning herself into a joke with all the sex and drinking.

Where’s Brandy been?

LOL girl is okay. Don’t care for Nate or Troy and your music videos are hit and miss. More Feist!

I like it here okay.

You and Brian should shake hands.

Dennis says:

“Whatever. We took the post down.”

Losing your balls, Gross?


who doesn’t get satire? i mean, really? wtf?

but what i could do without is all that sex stuff. really. i don’t know what accounts of the random sexual encounters of a total slut or a total loser have to do with a cincinnati living blog.

on second thought…

Paula says:

I agree with FoxyRoxy. I know sex sells, but you guys overdo it here.

Jody says:

Your obsession with “fat” needs to go away.

hard as nails says:

what has become of mike hunt?

paging mike hunt. paging mike hunt. has anyone seen mike hunt?

Brian says:

The satirical field trips of this blog, I dig the hell out of those so keep ’em coming. And going. If a person doesn’t have any radar for satire, this’ll be a place for them to learn that particular skill

It keeps the mix lively, twisting some o’these people all up in knots. They apparently need that and I live for the torment of others.

Jewel says:

When your posts are real, like Marilyn, Karen or even yourself, that’s when the posts are the best. When you start making stuff up like Judy Darling and LOL Girl, your blog suffers.

Matt says:

When “the man” starts trying to put a lid on this blog, that’s when you know you’re doing something right. I’m more than disappointed that you took the morning post down. Don’t be giving into pressure.

John says:

You get the hits, you get the comments – why ask questions when your site seems to working?

Tate says:

I saw the story this morning. What’s the big deal? It was made up shit – satire. And you yanked it? What’s gotten into you?

Laura says:

The mix here, the never knowing what’s going to be next is what brings me back everyday. Don’t change anything!

Chuck says:

Pulling a post? You’re selling out, man. I can feel it.

Tany says:

Don’t let the suits boss you around. You got it right here.

Marilyn says:

I like this blog. But, there is no earthly scenario where you’ll never have to answer to the man. Sad but true.

What do I like best? I think I agree with Laura — the mix.

Shirley says:

I don’t comment very often, but since you ask, I’ll says a few words before I head home.

There are three or four websites that I’ve bookmarked and this is one of them. No, its not always what I want and sometimes I know the intent is to shock. It works sometimes, but alot of times it just disgusts. However, I seem to be seeing less of that lately.

Marilyn, Karen at the Hood are my favorites. As for you, I wish you would take a lesson from your column and do more heart tugging pieces. I still read that 810 Main Street column you wrote. Why don’t you do that kind of writing here too?

You asked!

Sammy says:

It’s ALL good. I couldn’t imagine doing this everyday, coming up with new things. I’m not going to complain about anything. You do a good job here.

Amy says:

I don’t know if Teri Archer is real or not, but please lose her. I’m sick of her affairs and being in bars all the time. She’s turning me off big time.

Kathy Patter says:

Nope, couldn’t do this job for a million bucks. it’s easier to comment.

Been visiting for a few weeks now, friend at work told me about it. It’s fun, easy to take. You’re cool.

Don says:

Running LOL Girl only once a month is not enough. You have gold here. Use it more.

Polly says:

I’m an early riser and I read the post this morning and I think was the first to comment on it. What was wrong with it? It was funny enough and I wasn’t upset by it.

Larry Gross, all I can tell you is don’t let others let you lose your voice here.

numb says:

your blog has and always will suck.

Beaver Head says:

You’re starting to sell out. SHAME ON YOU.

Tim Graves says:

You’ve done this before – asking for advise and opinion. It’s noble I suppose, but is it really necessary?

Three CityBeat blogs. Yours is the stand alone. Read the other two. They get little traffic. Not the case here.

I didn’t read this morning’s post – in meetings all day. I don’t actually know why you pulled it off your blog but if it was from pressure who manage the others, I think I would have ignored it. Was the post too out there? Then you really made a mistake by pulling it.

Keep doing what you’re doing here and don’t get distracted by noise. You’re on the right track. The others aren’t.

Rita says:

Unfortunately I was consumed by work today and didn’t have the chance to read the post; I will have to call Marilyn.

I enjoy LOL even when I disagree; often it gets me thinking. It is usually the first site I pull up on my computer.

Larry – you have pick your battles and your timing. That’t the way of life and success.
“There is an optimal time and place to attack or defend, buy or sell,act or be quiescent. The Craft of Power

Phil says:

The post this morning was funny. I don’t get this at all.

Paul says:

The other CityBeat Blogs?

“Be the first to comment.”

That says it all – brothers and sisters.

jake says:

selling out is never pretty. reconsider.

Erin says:

Larry, keep pushing on.

ernie says:

don’t sell out my man. your blog is really honest. keep doing it.

Jill says:

Fuck City Beat. Do your own thing.

Gus_J says:

I’m reminded of the Southpark episode where Cartman tries to sabotage Family Guy by getting an episode pulled. Don’t take guff of any swine Gross, keep up the good blogging!

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