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{March 29, 2007}   Cincinnati Photo of the Week


Kids today: They grow up so fast. Enjoy them while you can.

Tom Anus

(Photo from the wonderful world of the Google. Even President Bush uses it)


Barbara says:

Two for two today – in meaning horrible posts.

hard as nails says:

is that teri archer?

Karen says:

This is naughty but i’m laughing 🙂

Susan says:

You honestly think this is a picture to put on a blog post? You’re sick.

Matt says:

You’re always so uptight when you post here. This photo is damn funny. Why don’t you go on home to the west side and not come back here.

Kris says:

I’ve seen this on the web a few times and I always smile when I come across it.

But wait.

I’m in Cincinnati.

This is total trash and you’re going straight to hell.

Man of the Hour says:

I hope this little kid isn’t named Nate.

Jock says:

Poor kid. Don’t you have to be at least 16 years old to buy rubbers?

Becky says:

He certainly is a little man isn’t he?

Donna says:

I gotta a kid about this age. This isn’t funny.

Hector says:

Her eyes… blue……..her hair…… yellow………her pussy…………so light plastic.

Marilyn says:

I just can’t imagine what kinda festival this child is attending wherein they’d have blow up love dolls! Anybody got a clue?

My dad used to teach CPR for the Red Cross, and sometimes he’d bring home the dummies.

When my brother was about two, my sister and I caught him violating the female dummy.

We didn’t interupt because we didn’t think he would know what to do. At first he was just kissing her, then he pulled down her pants and took off his diaper! We were about ten, so by the time he took off the diaper, we were laughing too hard to reprimand him.

Now he’s 18, and I wish he were still interested in dolls!

Ah, how quickly the innocence passes…

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