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{March 29, 2007}   Rambling Candy Apple

candy_apples_293_x_260.jpgI took Zoloft back when it was in vogue. All my friends were on Prozac, Zoloft or similar pills during the mid 90’s. It made me like a zombie. I didn’t care about anything, was like a potato head woman walking around, no spunk or anything. I said I would rather be depressed.

My cupcakes are done. I love to bake. Not that I’m all great at it, just makes me happy. I’m making cupcakes for my nephew. Every time he sees me he screams “candy cake, candy cake?” because he usually only sees me at parties or family functions where I bring a cake.

I haven’t read a book in ages, currently, my mom has sent me “Running with Scissors” which she told me wasn’t that great but then wants me to read it?

“Elie Wiesel” concentration camp survivor story, sounds so sad. I’m scared to open it, “The Hundred Secret Senses” by Amy Tan, no desire to read that one. I can read a book in a day if I like it. I read fast. I don’t even have time to read a magazine now.

Candy Apple

(Photo from This Candy Apple needs to be back on Zoloft. She gives me a headache)


Phil says:

A better title might have been “Zoloft and cupcakes” but that’s just me.

Polly says:

You need to be on some kind of medication. Trust me.

Brenda says:

I’ll go have some coffee and then come back and will read this again. Maybe it will make more sense.

Biscuit says:

I recommend ritalin, but grind it up and snort it- I think that would get you right in the head

-Dr. Biscuit

hard as nails says:

whatever, candy, whatever

cathy patter says:

A.D.D. much?

Babble On says:

Jesus. This is another “character” you should just kill off.

Jackie says:

Hey, lay off Candy! I think she’s funny.

Marilyn says:

In defense of prozac I must state that if not for this wonder drug I, and surely some others, wouldn’t be sane right now.

Candy, read a book!

Ted says:

Truly, truly a stupid post.

Barbara says:

Was there any kind of point to any of this?

Marilyn, great post yesterday.

Candy, give it up.

Julie says:

I like the ramblings, the lack of structure. Different can be good.

Marilyn says:


Yesterday, in response to my post you wrote (and I quote via cut & paste): “This exhibit, this photo is an insult to anyone with roots in the south. I shouldn’t at all be surprised that this blog would put it up.”

So forgive me if I’m puzzled when today you write: “Marilyn, great post yesterday.”

Surely there are not two of you!

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