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{March 31, 2007}   Paul Dixon: “The Arkansas Letter”


A couple weeks ago, on a Saturday, we put up an old clip from the Paul Dixon Show that ruled Cincinnati morning television here back in the 60’s and 70’s. As a habit, we will sometimes put clips up on Saturday, because that’s our slowest day when it comes to views.

With the Paul Dixon clip, that wasn’t the case. Young and old loved it and it’s still getting watched here.

Here’s another one we found called “The Arkansas Letter.” We hope you enjoy it and your weekend.

Larry Gross

(Photo from


Amber says:

I love Paul “Baby” Dixon! This was really funny.

Brian says:

You spend too much time living in the past.

tilly says:

this guy’s material still holds up. why doesn’t channel 5 show reruns of this?

Karen says:

I couldn’t get my computer to download it 😦

Karen @ the hood says:

This is really funny. I love Paul Baby!

Can’t help but notice that there was no black people in the audience. Just stating a fact.

Ken says:

More of this Paul Dixon? It’s dated and not funny.

Barbara says:

Whenever I think back to Paul Dixon, I think of a dirty old man. The crap that he pulled back then wouldn’t fly today. That’s called progress.

Chad says:

This was fuckin’ funny!

Theresa says:

I just got done watching this. Tears from laughing are still coming out of my eyes.

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