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{April 2, 2007}   Monday’s Lunch


KFC. And lots of it.

Tom Anus

(Photo from


Kay says:

Lunch: a blt on wheat 🙂

Jane says:

Yurk! KFC turns my stomach.

Gus_J says:

Looks like the recipe for an ass attack to me. Make sure you get a piece of fruit later.

Jill says:

An ass attack indeed. Was this fat Doris’ lunch? Just asking.

Marilyn says:

Damn, I cannot tell a lie! When I’m being ‘bad’ I love to get a 3 pc chicken tenders with mashed taters & gravy and coleslaw. Don’t fergit the biscuit & honey, honey!

hard as nails says:

doris is into white castle, not kfc. you stand corrected.

dooly says:

kfc is nasty. i don’t really think its even chicken anymore.

Bitch from Price Hill says:

I live in Price Hill. K F C rules!!

Gaylord says:

I feel your “gas” pain.

J-O-E says:


Barbie says:

KFC in Northside with Taco Bell = rats. Gross. I avoid at all cost.

Isis says:

No time for lunch today at work. I got to use the bathroom a couple times. I’ll probably get docked for wasting time.

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