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{April 3, 2007}   Sleeping on the Job

sleeping.jpgDamn if I didn’t turn around for a minute and not notice some more restaurants closing downtown.

“The CincyNation” web site did my job for me yesterday, reporting that Guido’s Tap has now closed their doors. However to my regret, we did report Manna’s on Main closing down a couple weeks ago.

And the old Carol’s on Main which turned into the Union Station Video restaurant at 825 Main Street is also basically considered a goner. On their door, they site plumbing problems has having closed them down for a while but the doors have apparently been closed for months now.

As CincyNation pointed out yesterday, yes newer fancier restaurants where one will go on special occasions are opening up, but your everyday diners downtown are closing up quickly – and again I point out that if you can’t keep a restaurant on Main Street open – like Manna’s and Union Station – that doesn’t speak well for the city.

Larry Gross

(Photo of Larry napping in his executive office taken from


Jay says:

The Union Station loss isn’t really a big one. The food wasn’t good and the service was bad. Now Manna’s, – that’s another story.

Robin says:

The new restaurants opening up: How are everyday working people suppose to afford them? Why can’t we get a damn Frisch’s back downtown?

Jenny says:

YES ROBIN. You are so right. The people who run (or maybe I should say help destroy our city) have no idea what working people want downtown. I have no desire to take out a LOAN so I can buy lunch.

Kick all of City Council OUT!!

J-O-E says:

Downtown is for the rich. I have felt that way for a long time now and it is only getting worse. I pack my lunch to save money. I don’t have seven or dollars for lunch let alone more for a dinner.

Kathy Patter says:

One track mind much?

Charles says:

I think Cincinnati is going through a growing pattern right now and that’s a good thing. I’m thinking the lower priced restaurants will come along as soon as the upscale ones become established. We need to be patient.

Lonnie says:

I’ll buy a hot dog from a street vendor sometimes, but that’s about it. Even Skyline is too damn expensive for me.

Polly says:

I work downtown and I use to take lunch out everyday. Now with less variety and more expensive restaurants, I usually just eat out on Fridays. So far I don’t think downtown has changed for the better.

Brian says:

You’re right Kathy, this ass does have a one track mind. Why he thinks its his duty to “report” this crap is just that. Crap.

Jackie says:

😦 when are you going to stop this?

hard as nails says:

at least it’s not another story about mullane’s.

Karen @ the hood says:

Larry, You have a funny way of taking a nap!!

Doug says:

Man, just more bullshit from you. If a restaurant isn’t doing business or wears itself out in the city, you want it to remain open? Restaurants come and go dumbass.

dooly says:

hint: boring.

rhines says:

Yes, there seems to be an alarming number of “regular” restaurants closing downtown.

The idea, I thought, was for downtown to be a neighborhood — for everyone. Not just for people with a lot of money to throw around at expensive venues.

Larry — thanks for writing about the challenges downtown. You should have been a journalist. True journalists are trained to look at both the good and the bad of situations. So, while it’s great that three or so upscale restaurants are opening to replace the upscale restaurants that have closed, there is a trend going on….

That everyday restaurants are closing. Real journalism would report on that and that’s hard to find in Cincinnati. It is not the job of the media to present happy news. It’s got to report on the good — and the bad. Glad you have stepped in to do it.

Julie says:

“The idea, I thought, was for downtown to be a neighborhood — for everyone.”

Downtown Cincinnati is clearly not a neighborhood for everyone. I want choices downtown.

If I want to go to a fancier restaurant, I’ve got that option now. But what if I’m almost broke before payday? I can’t get a cheap McDonald’s burger downtown?

I don’t always have money for a play, but maybe I could swing it for a movie. Not downtown, I must go to Newport of Clifton to catch a show.

The point I’m trying to make as is Rhines is that we’re a people of different incomes and lately I’m feeling poorer and poorer when I want to head downtown and more and more I just don’t do it.

J. Martin says:

I wish the hell you would just get out of town. You’re truly a creep — you know that?

Matt says:

We need a guy like Larry to speak his mind and say it the way it is. If people get up tight about it, that’s their problem.

Marilyn K says:

Larry, you know people don’t want to be awakened from their peaceful slumber… How dare you!!!!!!!!!!

gomer says:

gross- you are turning yourself into a joke. a fucking parrot. move on.

rhines says:

I would be interested to know how many of the above comments are coming from the same person.

Judy says:

Rhines, I kind of wonder the same. Why the need for such intense hate? The man is only stating what he sees happening around him.

Julie says:

I would be interested to know how many of the above comments are coming from the same person.

Probably from Gross himself, wanting to give himself a pat on the back for “waking” the city up. What a dumbass.

Juc says:

Sleep tight, asshole.

Marilyn K says:

Wow, looks like some of the same folks who responded to my confederate flag post are on here today…

Mike says:

Does anyone in this city do anything other than complain? Is it any wonder people want to leave this city? It’s like dealing with a friend that bitches about everything….they may be a good friend, but you sure as hell want to avoid them as often as possible.

If you’re all really so cheap, there are only about 100 other restaurants to choose from. I’m sure that you’ll find other JC Penny wearing, like-minded people who you’ve probably seen while getting your haircut at Supercuts or while pumping gas into your SUV or Minivan and bitching about how high gas prices have risen.

Get a life!

hard as nails says:

mike here seems a little bitter.

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